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How To Ensure Safe and Sound Cake Deliveries in Singapore?

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Delivering cakes is a necessary step in the order fulfillment process. There is probably no such thing as a really simple and stress-free delivery.

Regardless of how much we would all like for that to be true. There are, however, actions you may take to simplify the procedure as much as you can.

The way the cake travels will be greatly influenced by all of things, especially in the heat. Therefore, you must consider delivery from the very beginning, not when you’re prepared to take the cake outside and drive away.

When it comes to cake deliveries in Singapore, there aren’t many steps to actually take. Basically, all you have to do is remove the cake from the refrigerator, place it on the cart, make sure it stays as cold as possible while being transported, and make sure it is stored correctly when it gets to its destination.

However, the secret to a successful cake delivery doesn’t start when you’re prepared to make the delivery. It starts even before the cake is prepared.

When you accept an order, a number of factors will determine how well the cake will be delivered. The cake’s dimensions, weight, and stability must all be taken into account.

Secrets For Immaculate Cake Deliveries in Singapore

Here are 5 excellent suggestions to keep in mind to ensure a seamless and simple cake delivery.

•        Think ahead of the time

You’ll be able to deliver the cake successfully and in good time if you streamline the procedure. And you can get going by making a cake with a strong structure.

Look for any swaying and correct it if you find any. Use extra pins and center poles to hold layers in place. Choose lightweight Styrofoam figurines to provide weight. Avoid placing anything that could shatter.

If you feel comfortable transporting a stacked cake, make sure it is correctly doweled by inserting a center rod that passes through each layer. This will assist the cake remain solid during the travel.

To prevent the stack from becoming too tall, decide to keep the number of levels to 3 or 4. However, if you want to be absolutely certain, you can ship a multi-tier cake in single tiers and then assemble it at the recipient’s location.

Bring a kit of tools and supplies, such as royal icing, piping gel, pre-cut blossoms, and flowers, in case you decide to build the cake on location or in case of decoration emergencies.

•        Get a cake safe

Utilizing a cake safe is one way to raise the likelihood of a successful cake delivery. A cake safe is a container created to stop cakes from dropping, sliding, or melting while being transported. These robust containers may be washed and reused numerous times, and they shield cakes from weather conditions like strong winds, rain, hail, scorching heat, dust, or pollen. Nowadays, a lot of businesses sell cake safes.

•        Apply foam pads

Use foam padding to reduce impact.  You got it correctly. By putting foam cushioning below your cake board, you may lessen the impact and save your cakes from being harmed by potholes and other road bumps.

•        Expect to pay extra when getting a personalized cake than when ordering a pre-made cake

There are two basic schools of thinking when it comes to cakes: pre-made and custom. Pre-made cakes can be quicker and easier to order, are normally less expensive, but may not necessarily fit the celebration or taste as well as a personalized cake.

On the other hand, custom cakes can cost more and take longer to order, but they frequently taste better and have a more striking appearance. Therefore, be prepared to spend a little more money for a custom cake if you’re planning a special event and want to impress your guests with a stunning cake.

•        Prepare a cake emergency kit

Some cakes will inevitably need to be fixed in order to go to their intended location. Even if the need for these changes could be minor or crucial, you always plan ahead.

It is a good idea to use this technique in conjunction with any of the other choices on this list because resolving tiny difficulties can help prevent bigger ones.

Depending on the cake’s characteristics, an emergency kit will differ, so be sure to pack items that might be useful for the cake you have in the car.

For instance, a cake covered in fondant would need more fondant, knives, rolling pins, sugar for icing, or additional decorations, but a cake covered in buttercream might need more frosting and spatulas to restyle it.

Take more than you anticipate needing. It’s always preferable to be overprepared than to later regret leaving one tool at home.

•        Use yoga mats and shelf liner

I enjoy employing shelf liners.  I occasionally get them at Walmart or Dollar Tree.  Place the cake box on top of the shelf liner or yoga mat that has been spread across the floor or trunk of your car.

Since my most recent cake mishap, I now put a piece under the cake board and underneath the box.  As a result, neither the cake nor the cake box can move. A lengthy piece of shelf liner should be placed on the bottom, followed by a foam cushion and another piece of shelf liner.

•        Improve customer support

Don’t provide complimentary cake deliveries Singapore. Gas, drivers, and extra tools will cost money. Money is time, too. Charge a reasonable price for the service.

Experts in the field advise starting at $0.55 per mile with a minimum order of $30. Customers receive an excellent system and emergency contact information in exchange from you.

Not everybody desires food delivery. Consider the clients who still desire to pick up the cakes on their own. For deliveries or items that don’t require delivery cake Singapore, you can occasionally offer these clients discounts.

Excellent Delivery Fulfillment Is the Cherry on Top!

Sending an order as delicate as a cake may be difficult, but successfully completing it will not only reassure consumers of its high quality and freshness but will also gain your company some kudos.

You can accomplish this with the aid of a reputable shipping affiliate, but you can also take on this duty on your own if you choose to increase your chances of success. 

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