The Hidden Ergonomics Benefits of Office Pods You All Must Know

Offices used to be made up of boxy cubicles, creating an intolerable and oppressive work environment. Noisy offices and poor acoustic conditions at the workplace can lower employees’ productivity. As a result, around 60% of office workers can’t concentrate and deliver poor-quality work due to a loud workplace (Source: Workplace Insight).  These days, companies have […]

What Are Some Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning Methods?

Did you know that many industrial carpet cleaning products, such as soaps, detergents, shampoos, and solvents, contain potent, unfriendly chemicals? Natural carpet cleaners are becoming increasingly popular as a replacement for professional carpet cleaning solutions. Why? It’s a healthier approach to maintain your carpet’s softness, cleanliness, and freshness while preserving the environment and the health […]