How much money is distributed in Monopoly

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How many times have you played Monopoly and forgot again how much money is dealt? This is a game that attracts you like most people. It is very fun and entertaining, but your memory does make you crazy sometimes. You only need to have a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 8. And it is that playing board games is an enjoyment for the whole family at all times.

To remember

To remind you a little how to play Monopoly, you just have to follow the following steps: 

  • Choose a person to serve as a banker: this will be in charge of money, properties, houses and hotels. The banker can play the role of one more player, he just has to keep his money from the bank separate. How did you love being a banker?
  • Then, place the board on a flat, stable surface and arrange the Chance and Community Chest cards in their place. 
  • Each player must choose a token, this will be used to move around the board. Do you remember the chips? You always fought with your little brother for the most value.
  •  Each player must be dealt 1500 before the game starts.
  • Now, to roll the dice or dice to determine who will be the first to start the game. He will be the one who throws the dice with the highest numbering.
  • In the event that the number comes up double when you roll the dice, remember that that player has another extra roll. 
  • Start by moving the tile according to the number that came up on the dice and voila!, surely you have already remembered a little.


Tickets and denomination

You must distribute to each player $1500. Remember, the banker is in charge of this, even if everyone wants to participate in it. In addition, the bills must be distributed as follows:

  •  $500: 2 
  • $100: 2 
  • $50: 2 
  • $20: 6
  • $10: 5 
  • $5: 5
  • $1: 5

Game Specifications 

The box in the box must be carefully observed. the one you land when you throw the dice, since it depends on it, will be a property free of an owner, a property with an owner; in which you must pay rent, a space where you must take cards from Community Chest or Chance or you could even end up in jail. You can buy property if you land on any property owned by the bank, a railroad, or a utility. It is purchased for the amount established on the corresponding card, and the bank will give you the ownership card. 

The more properties you have, the better. If you land on any property and don’t want to buy it, the bank is forced to hold an auction and sell it to the highest bidder. In case of not selling it, the property must be returned to the bank and continue playing. 

When you have any property, the player who lands on it must pay you rent. The rent will correspond to that established in the property card. You can buy houses and thus charge more rent to those players who land on your property. You can get a maximum of 4 houses. Buy buildings, these make the rent increase at very expensive prices.

You can build a hotel, after you have had 4 houses. Hotels are the ones with the highest rental cost within a property. You will receive $200 by going through “Go”, this is set as a salary for each player. The Communal Treasury or Chance cards will either send you to a property, pay you money, or have you pay money. 

After reading it, keep it last in the tower from which you took it. If you end up in jail you will not be able to make any kind of deal or negotiation with anyone. He goes to jail if you roll the dice and get double numbers three times in a row, directed by a Community Chest or Chance card, if you land directly on the box (in the latter you can play normally because you must place yourself in the “only” part). visits”). When you are sent to jail you will not collect the $200 from “Go”. To get out of jail you must pay $50, using a card or rolling the dice with a double roll.

Loans can be made to the bank, without the need to mortgage, although there is also the option of mortgaging properties. To mortgage the bank will pay you the rental value of it, and when canceling it you must pay 10% interest. It is only done in cases of not having money and having to pay some property to another player. If you go bankrupt, that is, you have no money to pay rent, no properties to mortgage or sell, you will be out of the game. The last player remaining will win the game.

What You Need 

The objective of the game is to buy all the possible properties until you get to have a true monopoly (have all the properties of the same color group). With it you can charge double the rent for said properties, as established in the property card. By having a monopoly it is very easy to bankrupt other players. So the ultimate goal is to control prices by owning everything, and say goodbye to boredom. 


Have fun with the different versions of Monopoly: 

  • Monopoly Deal Cards: In this version the goal is to complete three sets of properties. Money comes in denominations of 1, 2, 3, 4.5 and 10 million.
  •  Monopoly Junior Fiesta: It has the same original objective, only it has new elements such as gift boxes instead of houses and surprise gift boxes with money. 
  • Monopoly Electronic Banjing Edition: incorporates electronic transactions. He does not have money but cards with an ATM. Monopoly Millionaire: Here the first to have a million wins.

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