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7 common myths about cardboard packing that’s nothing more than lie

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Cardboard boxes are industrially prefabricated boxes, substantially used to pack particulars like particulars, toys, cosmetics, and accouterments. The word cardboard doesn’t denote a specific material. The term cardboard refers to a variety of heavy paper- suchlike accouterments which may include card stock, paperboard, and different type of accouterments related to them. Cardboard boxes can be readily reclaimed.

Cardboard Box Packing

In terms of transportation, cardboard is also very durable making it the best packaging material for business. It helps to prevent moisture from infiltrating the product; this is an essential factor for products that need to withstand long transportation times, as well as protecting food products.

But while having various benefits there are some myths about custom printed cardboard packing that are nothing but lies.


Sustainable cardboard boxes are expensive.

Sustainable packaging is frequently more cost-effective than it first appears. Usual cardboard quilting material like plastic serape comes really cheap and is compared to some of the stylish and most precious quilting accouterments. Plastic is fluently available and has been around longer, due to which the high demand over numerous times has driven down the cost. Sustainable packaging costs not only regard the accouterments used but also how we use those accouterments.

Same old boring display.

Before ultramodern times, people only had the option of the same brown- multicolored boxes for their goods like food, cosmetics, tools, gifts, etc. Brown is the color that gets associated with cardboard material relatively frequently. Some people to this day still suppose that cardboard packages are only available in brown colors with the same old and boring displays.

The reality is quite the contrary as we’re living in a world where customization features are playing a huge part for all the positive reasons. A lot of packaging suppliers are offering unlimited custom features of the loftiest quality like different colors, gift wrapping, other same details, adding a welcoming letter, etc. Business possessors can now go with seductive designs, elegant color combinations, and decoration face homestretches, and much more at minimum prices.

Dangerous for the environment.

The plastic-made bags and cardboard boxes are substantially responsible for the deteriorating environmental conditions around us. The guests condemn the whole packaging assiduity due to inadequate knowledge. They indeed don’t have a good understanding of the nature of cardboard material. The verity is that this material is completely sustainable and eco-friendly in nature and poses no pitfalls to the terrain. It’s also recyclable in nature and can be used multiple times.

The stylish point is that it gets perished fluently in the presence of bacteria and other microorganisms. All these features punctuate its biodegradable nature which is the safest option for our earth in the period of global warming. Business possessors should use these options without any fear of client rejection as such a responsible action will be largely appreciated.

Requires a lot of resources.

One of the most common misconceptions about cardboard-made packaging is that it requires a lot of coffers to get manufactured. In reality, these bath bomb packaging boxes can now be manufactured by using a minimum of coffers. No rearmost ministry is needed, and the process can be completed in no time at all. The energy conditions are also low as all-natural accouterments are employed in the process, and there’s no need for artificial processing. Secondly, all the accouterments are locally and fluently available, and you don’t have to order the needed accouterments from far-out places which makes it presto, good, and cheap.

We use too much cardboard for sustainable packing

Packaging is an essential part of our diurnal lives. It protects goods while they’re on the move when they’re being store and when they’re on the shop shelves. Take the food we eat as an illustration. Packaging protects our food as it’s move around the country and deliver to our original supermarkets. Packaging reduces the speed at which our food will spoil in fact, it frequently extends its shelf life and reduces the chances that it’ll get defile by commodities we wouldn’t want to eat.

It doesn’t matter how much packaging material we use it won’t harm the environment because it is eco-friendly and helps us in many different ways.

Good packaging is limited

Sustainable packaging isn’t just reclaim cardboard. There’s a growing variety on the request, ranging from organic filaments. Similar to cotton and bamboo, to packaging made from mushrooms and seaweed. Bioplastics plastics made from factory sugars and bounces are also gaining fashion. Paper and cards have seen invention too, with the likes of wood-free paper, bamboo paper, and indeed gravestone paper. 

These sustainable packaging accouterments are available in a range of shapes, sizes, and formats, and are not limit to boxes. Mailer bags, sacks, cartons, pillow bags, and wraps are all available with high sustainability credentials. And smart design features similar to gash strips and return seals. In other words, whatever your requirements, there’s sustainable volition available.

Long lead time

Another common misconception about cardboard boxes is that their lead time is too long. This frustrates the guests and they suppose that it’ll increase their time to enter the request. But it isn’t the case, utmost of the custom orders needs seven days to deliver. Right after the client has approved the artwork and inked off the print card proof.

However, utmost of the box printing companies takes a week. Or two to deliver the custom cardboard boxes to the client’s doorstep. If the order size is large a repeated order may also take lower than a week. Occasionally the companies have stock products. They may also produce your order snappily by adding your brand name, totem, and other applicable details. Therefore whether you want product boxes. Food boxes, or any other type of packaging, you can get it with a quick reversal time.


Conclusion and the knowledge we get from learning these myths is that cardboard packaging is cheap, fast, and eco-friendly. And that it won’t harm the environment and doesn’t require a lot of resources.

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