How To Wear Yellowstone Top Layers In the Best Way
How To Wear Yellowstone Top Layers In the Best Way

How To Wear Yellowstone Top Layers In the Best Way

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The Yellowstone is a 2018 TV series that has been continued till this date (2023). It is a huge hit and people went crazy by watching Kevin Costner’s acting skills in this drama. The superb performance of Kevin Costner in these series has helped him prove to be an amazing actor!

Also, the outerwears worn in these series have been greatly admired by audiences of every age group including Yellowstone jackets. In today’s conversation, I will help you style those outerwears in the easiest way. So get ready to spend your precious time on something that deserves it.

Plot Of The Series

This is a story about a helpless and poor ranching family who are the residents of Montana. The series revolves around this family and some bad men who try to snatch their land. The best part of this series comes when this family stands together with each other, and competes with them. They then decide to sacrifice their valuable lives to get their rights.

1-Kayce Dutton Yellowstone Luke Grimes Brown Cotton Vest

Kayce Dutton is one of the main characters of Yellowstone after Kevin Costner (John Dutton in the series). Luke Grimes is known for his stylish dressing in this series and is very popular among girls due to his stylish looks. And this cotton vest is an example of it. Do you want to know further about this vest? If yes, then keep reading on to find out.

Features Of The Kayce Dutton Yellowstone Brown Cotton Vest

Luke Grimes inspires this vest. Viscose is its internal fabric that keeps its users comfortable and cozy. The closure method of this one piece is zippered which is responsible for making this vest super-stylish! The collar type of this vest is round-neck which gives it a unique look.

At the same time, the light brown color of this vest gives its wearers a relaxed feel due to its lightness. Things do not end here, this iconic vest comes with three outside and two inside pockets. One of the external pockets are situated on the chest area in a vertical position which gives this one piece a captivating look!

How And Where To Wear This Kayce Dutton Vest?

There are multiple ways to wear this outerwear on different occasions. For example, if you want to use this vest as casual wear, you can pair it with some basic articles. Those articles can be a skin-fitted t-shirt, cotton pants and some casual shoes.

Likewise, if you want to utilize this brown vest as a semi-casual wear, teaming it up with a polo shirt and corduroy pants can be a good idea. For footwear, go for minimalist shoes to complete the look.

2-Yellowstone Jamie Dutton Cotton Jacket

Wes Bentley inspires this jacket. The grey color of this jacket makes it ideal for winter. But if you want to wear this single piece in a stylish way, I am here to assist you. But before moving forward, let me show you the specifications of this top layer to know more about this one-of-a-kind jacket.

Specifications Of The Jamie Dutton Cotton Jacket

The combination of cotton and viscose in this jacket makes this vest super-comfortable and cozy. The front part of this jacket has buttoned closure.

The collar type of this jacket is shirt-style which gives its users a casual feel. This extraordinary jacket comes with six pockets; four outside and two inside. Two of the outside pockets are flap-style pockets and are very spacious.

How And Where To Wear This Jamie Dutton Cotton Jacket?

This Jamie Dutton cotton jacket is ideal for wearing casually in winter. You can wear this jacket with a pair of jeans and a turtle-neck shirt. For footwear, go for suede shoes to finish the look. Or you can also go for a high-neck shirt, khaki pants and a pair of loafers.

3-Yellowstone Lloyd Pierce Cotton Vest

Forrie J. Smith inspires this jacket. This is a versatile vest that can enhance the look of any outfit. So style this vest as a game-changer, and rock different outfits. Can’t wait to know the styling of this one piece? Well, I will reveal it to you, but after showing you the specifications of this one piece. So here you go!

Characteristics Of The Yellowstone Lloyd Pierce Cotton Vest

When cotton is merged with viscose, it creates an ultra-warmth for an individual. And this vest has this combination. Other than that, the front side of this top layer is buttoned-closure. You will be surprised to know the number of pockets this vest has. Well, this jacket has a total number of five pockets; one at chest, two at waist and two inside.

How And Where To Style This Cotton Vest

This vest is very simple but it looks good with different outfits even with its simplicity. You can combine with a button-up shirt and cargo pants. For footwear, go for a pair of loafers or classic sneakers.

For the creation of another casual styling idea, you can pair this cotton vest with faded jeans and a pair of leather boots. For the upper body, go for a corduroy or cotton shirt.

4-Yellowstone Season 04 Jamie Dutton Wool Jacket

This green wool jacket has the quality to make its wearers look modish and stay warm, both at the same time. And if you also want to experience this, you can go for this jacket. Let’s have a look at the specifications of this wool jacket.

Specifications Of The Jamie Dutton Wool Jacket

Wes Bentley who has played the role of Jamie Dutton in the Yellowstone series inspires this jacket. Viscose is its internal fabric that keeps its users warm when mixed with wool. The closure method of this jacket is buttoned. At the same time, the collar style of this jacket is shirt-style which provides its users with a casual and comfortable feel.

There are six spacious pockets in this jacket; four outside and two inside. Two of them on the front side are flap pockets that look very stylish when situated on an amazing wool jacket like this. The thing that I like the most about this jacket is its eye-catching green color. It has the quality to grab the attention of everyone.

How And Where To Style This Jamie Dutton Wool Jacket?

Well, you can blend this green jacket with a plaid shirt and a pair of black cotton pants. For footwear, go for derby shoes for a semi-formal look, and black brogue shoes for a semi-casual look.

5-John Dutton Yellowstone Kevin Costner Corduroy Blazer Coat

This John Dutton corduroy blazer coat is ideal for wearing on formal and semi-formal occasions such as an official dinner night and wedding ceremony. But if you don’t know how to style this blazer coat, let me help you to get this job done. Nonetheless, before moving on to the styling section of this conversation, let me first tell you the traits of this blazer coat. So here we go!

Characteristics Of The Yellowstone Corduroy Blazer Coat

Kevin Costner who has played the main character of John Dutton in this series inspires this jacket. The external material of this blazer coat is corduroy. At the same time, viscose is used internally in this phenomenal blazer coat.

The collar of this top layer is lapel style that gives it a finished and polished look. The closure method of this one piece is buttoned that adds beauty to this one piece. There are four pockets in this outerwear; two outside and two inside. The overall look of this one piece is outstanding which distincts it from other outerwears.

How And Where To Wear This Corduroy Blazer Coat?

This corduroy blazer coat is ideal to wear on semi-formal occasions. If you want to wear it at a wedding ceremony, you need to follow the following instructions. To start styling, let’s begin by mixing this blazer coat with a white button-up shirt first. After that, go for dress pants along with formal shoes such as Brogue or Oxford shoes. 

If you want to wear this blazer coat at an official dinner night, you can wear khaki pants along with a dress shirt with a neck-bow as a cherry on top. For shoes, get your hands on black Oxford shoes. This is how you can achieve a presentable look with just a little effort!

6-John Dutton Yellowstone Kevin Costner Blue Quilted Cotton Vest

This blue quilted vest is my personal favorite. One of the reasons is its vibrant blue color that steals the attention of everyone. Are you craving to know more about this one piece? If yes, then read the next section.

Specifications Of This John Dutton Blue Quilted Cotton Vest

Most of the vests don’t come with any closure method, but this one has. Yes, you heard it right! This blue vest has a zippered closure method. This closure method not only saves time zipping and unzipping it but also provides style to this upper and its wearer. Other than that, this vest has a stand-up collar that plays an important role in making this vest more manly and exquisite! The number of pockets in this outerwear is four; two external and two internal.

How And Where To Style This Blue Cotton Vest?

This blue cotton vest is ideal for wearing on casual and semi-casual occasions. You can pair it with a white button-up shirt and camouflage pants. For footwear, pick up a pair of military boots to complete the look.

Another way to style this blue quilted vest is to merge it with a tee or polo shirt along with straight jeans and brown boots. This way, you will be able to nail a super-attractive look!

The Perfect Ending

It doesn’t matter which Yellowstone outerwear you choose to wear, each one of them has a unique style and design. Those outerwears give an individual a timeless look! So make the most of this style guide, and rock every outerwear with pride!

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