Benefits And Applications Of Using Hydraulic Torque Wrench

Benefits And Applications Of Using Hydraulic Torque Wrench

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A hydraulic torque wrench is applied to tighten or loosen a connection by exerting a certain amount of torque using hydraulics. Manual torque wrenches require much force to tighten bolts. Hydraulic torque wrenches are the easiest, more convenient method to do so. The popularity of hydraulic torque wrench and the hydraulic torque wrench manufacturers in India is rising significantly due to prodigal construction work over time. They have become a necessary tool in various industries and have increased usage because of many advantages.

What are the types of hydraulic torque wrenches in India?

Square Drive Hydraulic Torque Wrench:

This wrench is applied to fasten or loosen bolts larger than one inch in size. Its driving shaft pre-tightens the nut by driving the impact socket. It is a general usage wrench applied on bolts of many specifications within a tolerable torque range. Its short nose radius is very useful for applications in small spaces.

Low Profile Hydraulic Torque Wrench:

The nut is pre-tightened to rotate the drive shaft. This wrench is for fastening and loosening bolts larger than one inch in diameter. The tool gets used in the presence of small bolts, double nuts, or nuts in obstructive areas. These are the helpers for most engineering purposes. They have high toughness, strength, speed, a thin design, and large corners. These wrenches are composed of aluminum-titanium alloy.

What are some of the benefits of using a hydraulic torque wrench?

In the case of heavy-duty applications, a hydraulic torque wrench is the best option for speed, ease and convenience. It works only on hydraulic means to generate torque, minimizing physical effort when tightening bolts. Due to refinement and development, lightweight wrenches are readily available now for easy access. They are the most necessary tools when performing heavy-weight tasks.

A hydraulic torque wrench is light, quiet, and accurate compared to an impact or manual wrench. These work upon the exact torque needed for fastening or loosening and do not leave any option for any unchecked dangerous hazards. They are self-ratcheting and offer the perfect amount of accuracy required. They prevent the exertion of too much or too little torque, maintaining perfection.

These wrenches save time and money by being efficient and perfect. They decrease the time required for bolting, increase integrity in joints, and free time up to efficiently complete other tasks. They are functional, safe, intelligent, and convenient, providing many advantages.

When it comes to calibrated wrenches, the device is calibrated and set to turn off as soon as the optimum torque gets achieved.

What are the applications of these wrenches?

Wrenches like these are functional in heavy-effort industries that require larger bolts because of their functionality and versatility. They’re used to aid in shipbuilding, wind power, petrochemicals, hydropower, mining, thermal, steel mills, rubber, oil rigs, machinery, pipelines, and other heavy construction and repair industries.

These wrenches are popular in India as hydraulic torque wrench manufacturers in India have increased production. The reason is an increase in the number of construction and maintenance, and repair work for the heritage buildings. They reduce labor costs and provide required traceability and consistent service, reducing risks of damage.

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