Personal Coaching: How to be more confident?

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Self-confidence is one of the most frequently discussed topics in personal coaching sessions . This is not without reason. This feature is very desirable in successful people and often determines how others perceive us. So how can self confidence coaching in London help you boost your confidence?

Fear of evaluation

Personal coaching shows that self-confidence largely depends on the way you think. This trait is closely related to how we see ourselves and how we deal with fear of the unknown. Today, both in professional and personal life, fear is often a determinant of human behavior and usually also a major brake. Often people who choose personal coaching as a tool leading to changes in their lives can indicate that it is the fear of being judged that blocks them from taking on many challenges. Self-confidence is a trait that is often shaped during personal coaching sessions. It allows you to control your fear and courageously pursue your goals. This greatly translates into both professional and personal success.

Personal Coaching: Relationship with yourself

Personal coaching , when considering problems with self-confidence, focuses first on relationships with oneself. During a personal coaching session, the coachee learns to accept himself. Knowing your own strengths and weaknesses and accepting them is the basis for gaining self-confidence. Thanks to personal coaching, it is possible to objectively look at one’s own weaknesses, but also at the greatest strengths. Knowing them, we are aware of our own uniqueness and the potential that lies dormant in us. In addition, we know perfectly well which features we can use in personal development and which will be positively perceived by our employer.

Own beliefs and opinion

The biggest threat to self-confidence is the fear of what others will think. Very often, people are afraid to express their own opinion, or worse, to have one. They hide their opinions on various topics and express what they think out loud. Personal coaching allows us to understand that we should make our own decisions about our lives. What does it matter what other people think about your beliefs?

Most often in the work in the field of personal coaching, it is crucial to break the barrier: “People will think that …”. This is a very limiting factor that inhibits the development of one’s own beliefs and views. It is thanks to them that we become an individual unit that can offer a lot to the world. Looking at it from another perspective, it is people who are not afraid to say what they think that enjoy the greatest respect among others. Then you can see that you are confident enough that you are not afraid of being judged by society.

Confidence and the comfort zone

Personal coaching very often focuses on the comfort zone. It is nothing more than specific situations or environments in which the coachee feels comfortable. Leaving this zone triggers stress and a sense of anxiety in us.

Taking into account the above definition, it is easy to conclude that it is most beneficial for everyone to expand their comfort zone as much as possible. Then we feel more confident in many situations, and we feel anxiety and stress relatively rarely.

Personal coaching sessions therefore focus on expanding your comfort zone. These conditions are exceptionally conducive to development, including building self-confidence. Personal coaching and its recommendations regarding the comfort zone can be used in everyday life. Just a few simple exercises will help you be more confident:

  • Visit a place you’ve never been and never wanted to visit before.
  • Smile at strangers on the street.
  • Start a casual conversation with strangers (e.g. while waiting for a bus).
  • Invite a random person for coffee.

Exercise is a great way to start your self-confidence journey. Remember that a coach ( Coach Magdalena Ciesielska ) who specializes in personal coaching can help you achieve lasting changes .

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