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Is CompTIA Security+ Certification Worth It in 2023?

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What is value to you? Value for most people means receiving more than you put into it. Finding a bargain on a home or car at a lower than market value is usually equated with importance. Value is often measured in terms of returns on investment, also known as ROI. Sometimes, value is calculated upon a higher-risk quality. For instance the unpaid internship won’t pay you a salary but instead provides the opportunity to gain experience which can be valuable.

What do you think about CompTIA Security+ certification? Is it worth the investment? Is CompTIA A+ worth all the time and effort you spend on studying and passing the test? Continue reading to find out.

Is CompTIA A+ Worth It in 2023?

The decision to pursue an IT certification is an important one. It is essential to determine the things you’d like to learn and the ultimate goals for your career. What can you use CompTIA Security+?

If you’re hoping to get into the world of information technology (IT) business is worth the investment and here’s why. You can only construct an entire house with a solid foundation as well. CompTIA A+ can be described as the industry-standard entry-level certification that shows you’ve acquired the necessary skills to start your job in IT. A career in IT is indeed the best way to go in 2023.

For instance, when other industries were slashing budgets amid the pandemic, several highly-demanding IT professionals proved to have the necessary skills to become essential. According to the 2022 Dice Tech Salary Report report, the average tech’s salary increased by 6.9 percent between 2021 and 2022, with the average tech salary exceeding the 6-figure threshold for the first time in the 17 years that the report has been in existence. In 2023, which began with the announcement of significant technology layoffs reality is more distorted than reality.

Is CompTIA A+ Enough To Get a Job?

Although the value is there, people still ask whether CompTIA A+ is sufficient for an interview. It could exist, though it all depends on the level of work experience you have in addition. Did you not know is the case that CompTIA A+ is featured on more technical support job advertisements than other certifications? Being able to mention CompTIA A+ listed on your resume could put you ahead of those who don’t have certification in line to be interviewed. When you’re trying to find your first job in IT, it’s an essential factor.

For instance, employers will need to know the number of years of experience you’ve gained. Knowing the information is only part of the puzzle. Proving that you can take action based on that information is the second.

There are several methods to gain that practical experience. You can lend your technical knowledge to your family, friends, or family and ask them to assume the tech support role in your current position (even if it’s not your primary job) or inquire with the IT department for assistance. IT community is known for sharing knowledge and working on projects. If the IT employees at your business understand your career and objectives and goals, they’ll be more apt to help you learn whenever they’re in a position to.

What Experience Required for the CompTIA Security+ Exams?

Although there aren’t any official qualifications to sit for exams like the CompTIA A+ exam, we suggest that candidates have between 9 and 12 months of practical work experience in the help desk support or desktop support technician field service technician position or similar knowledge. The experience you have in your resume can help you get ready to be successful on the exam.

How Much Does the CompTIA A+ Certification Cost?

Knowing the ways that the process of obtaining a CompTIA A+ certification will affect your career is only the beginning. Professionals interested in becoming IT professionals also would like to know how they can afford it will cost to get the CompTIA A+ certification and the amount you can earn with the CompTIA certification. Let’s look at it in detail.

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