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The Ultimate Guide to Choose the Right Area Rug For Your Room

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Finding the right rug is a matter of knowing your needs and preferences. If you’re looking for a rug that will compliment your room or make it feel cozier, you should consider its size and shape as well as the material and color. We’ve put together this guide to help simplify the process of choosing an area rug based on these factors.

What is the right rug size?

As you’re shopping for rugs, you will likely encounter several different sizes. There are many factors to consider when choosing what size rug will work best in your space. But first and foremost, it’s important to understand that there is no one-size-fits-all rule when it comes to determining, what is the right size of rug for your room. Instead of thinking about it in terms of inches or feet per square foot. This can get tricky if you have multiple rooms with different dimensions, consider these key questions:

  • Will you be using the area where the rug will go as an extra seating area at times?
  • Or do you intend this space primarily as an area where people walk through on their way from one room to another?
  • Consider going bigger than usual by selecting something large enough that people can sit comfortably on its surface without feeling confined by its proximity.
  • On the other hand, having too much space between chairs can make conversations difficult because they must shout at one another over how far apart they sit.
  • Consider carefully whether or not your guests will need more legroom than normal (and if so then purchase accordingly).
  • Are there any objects within reach that could fall onto whatever type of flooring material lies below?

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How to choose a rug size?

Choose a rug size that fits the space you want to use it in. The right rug size will fit the furniture in the room. Always choose a rug size that fits your lifestyle. Don’t ignore the budget while choosing a rug size.

How to measure a room for rugs?

Measuring a room for rugs is easier than you think. All you need is a tape measure, which can be found at any hardware store, and a pen or pencil to mark your measurements. To start, measure from one wall to another on your floor plan. This is the length of your rug. If there are any doors or windows that interrupt this boundary line.

Make sure to include their dimensions in your calculation as well (if they’re not already part of another measurement). Then measure from corner to corner across both widths of the room. This will show you how big each quadrant needs to be when calculating the total square footage needed by all rugs in this space. If there’s only one door in between two walls but not directly on either edge. Don’t forget about it!). Lastly, measure up from the ground along each edge and write down those values too. They’ll come into play later when figuring out how much vertical space will be covered by certain styles’ pile heights.

These numbers are all good things to know before shopping. Because they’ll help narrow down which sizes might work best within certain parameters and even help determine whether or not certain shapes would fit well at all.

Which rug shape do you need?

You can also choose a rug based on its shape. The most popular shapes are square, oval, rectangular, and round.

Square rugs: These are great for corners or small spaces that need extra personality. You can also use them in conjunction with other shapes to create a more interesting design with varying dimensions.

Oval rugs: They are excellent for hallways because they don’t block pathways. They give you enough room to walk comfortably in front of your door without hitting your toes on the edge of the rug. They are also great for smaller rooms where you want to create an intimate atmosphere by making them appear larger than they actually are. Just look at all those cozy coffee shops with their long couches surrounded by oval-shaped patterned rugs.

Rectangular rugs:  They work best in living rooms because they have less wasted space than other types of carpeting at the ends that aren’t covered by furniture legs. However, if you have large pieces like sofas or sectionals then this shape may not work well as there won’t be enough space between each piece. For example, if we were designing our own home office using rectangular rugs. We would probably choose round ones instead since our desks/chairs take up so much real estate.

Where to use a large area rug?

If you want to add a touch of elegance and style to your home, then large-area rugs are the right choice for you. Not only do they provide comfort, but they also bring warmth and style at the same time. Large area rugs can be used in many different rooms in your home including the living room, dining room or den, and even bedroom.

However, if you have a small living space with limited furniture then it might look awkward if there is no other furniture apart from the rug itself as it will take up most of your floor space. You should always go for something with a pattern or border that complements your existing décor. So as not to make everything look too busy or cluttered up together on one single object which may feel overwhelming at times.

8×10 area rug in a room

There are many ways to use an 8×10 rug in your home. Here are some ideas to help you get started:

  • Use it as a dining room rug, because it’s big enough to cover the space underneath your table, but not so big that it takes up all of your floor space.
  • Use as a living room rug, for the same reasons listed above.
  • Use it as a bedroom rug if you don’t want something too large or heavy on top of your bed or dresser.
  • Use it as a kitchen floor covering if you need something quick and easy (like if you only have linoleum floors).

Buy 8×10 area rugs from Rug Gallery online rug store in USA. On their website you can find 8×10 area rugs in different colors and styles just under 100$.

9×12 rugs for living rooms

9×12 rugs are a great option for living rooms and dining rooms. If you have a large room, 9×12 rugs can make the space seem more cozy and inviting. They’re also a good choice for high-traffic areas because they’ll last longer than smaller rugs would.


If you’re looking to buy an area rug, make sure you know how much space you have available for it and what kind of look or feel you want. We hope that this guide has helped clear up some of the confusion around choosing the right rug size!


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