bi-fold windows
bi-fold windows

Bi-Fold Windows: A Must-Read Guide To Cost, Styles, And Materials

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Bi-fold windows are now more popular, especially for homeowners renovating or upgrading their property. They add an unmistakably modern aesthetic to a home. But that’s only one of its many advantages. If you want to add bi-folds to your renovated or upgraded rooms, consider the guide we’ve put together. With the basics, you’ll have an easier time choosing excellent windows. 

What Are Bi-Fold Windows?

Bi fold windows have multiple panels that fold together. Once in that position, they open to form a wide opening between your home and outdoor areas. Bi-folds are an increasingly popular choice among homeowners looking to create an indoor-outdoor living area, providing plenty of natural light, fresh air and seamless access.


The price of bi-fold windows depends on several factors, including size, material and number of panels. 

Bifold aluminium windows are the least costly option, with price tags between $1,000 to $1,500 per square meter, while timber can run more expensive – up to $2,000 per square meter, depending on style. As for UPVC bi-folds, they range between $1,500 and $2,500 per square meter. 


Bi-fold windows come in various styles to meet various property types and preferences. Here are some of the more popular bi-fold window styles:

Top Hung Bi-Fold Windows: 

These bi-fold windows feature panels hung at the top of a window frame that folds up and inwards when opened, making this window style an attractive option for modern homes.

Bottom Rolling Bi-Fold Windows:

These windows feature panels that hang from the bottom of the window frame and move along a track when opened and closed, making this style ideal for oversized windows or doors.

Corner Bi-Fold Windows:

These windows feature a corner that opens completely, creating an uninterrupted transition from indoor to outdoor living spaces. They’re particularly suitable for properties with wraparound decks or patios. 


Bi-fold windows come in plenty of materials, each offering a set of advantages and drawbacks. 

Aluminium Bi-Fold Windows: 

Alumnium is lightweight yet durable. In addition, it has low maintenance needs, so you only need to spend time on minimal maintenance and effort. It’s available in a wide range of colour choices, so you can customize your Aluminium windows

Timber Bi-Fold Windows:

They are an aesthetically pleasing choice as they’re natural and sustainable materials with classic looks – however, regular maintenance should be undertaken to avoid warping, rotting and termite damage.

UPVC Bi-Fold Windows: 

They are an attractive choice due to their low maintenance needs, energy-efficiency, and good insulation properties. They’re also customizable, offering multiple color choices. 


It has Multiple Benefits There are numerous advantages of selecting bi-fold windows for your property. Here are a few key ones:

Create an Indoor-Outdoor Living Space

It can make creating an indoor/outdoor living space seamless by providing access to both areas at once.

Allow Natural Light to Pour In

It maximizes natural lighting in your home, creating an atmosphere that’s both bright and welcoming.

Unobstructed Views of the Outdoors

It offer unimpeded views of outdoor areas so that you can take full advantage of them while sitting comfortably inside.

Saves Space

It take up less room than traditional windows or doors, making them an excellent option for smaller properties.

Energy Efficient

It may help lower heating and cooling bills significantly by helping you conserve energy more efficiently.

Shop for Windows

Look for a credible supplier. Consider reviews and customer feedback. When was the last time the company updated their pages? You wouldn’t want to be scammed out of your money, so confirm if you’re talking to a trustworthy supplier. 

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