A Comprehensive Guide to Managing Acne-Prone Skin

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Acne prone skin is the most challenging type of skin to handle. Many of you would be suffering from such a situation. This blog will teach you how to deal with this kind of skin.

What is an Acne prone skin?

Skin could be the biggest concern for many people because it reflects physical appearance. Suppose you awaken to see the little red bumps or pus-filled pimples covering your entire face, specifically on the T zone. Would you be comfortable with it? The answer is no! 

A normal pimple or breakout is nothing to worry about, as it goes away in a few days if you have the normal skin type. However, if acne and breakouts become persistent on skin prone to acne, it is a tough job. When you have acne skin, there is always a chance pimples keep appearing without any solid reason, making it worst for you to handle.

The typical signs of skin acne are

  • Pimples 
  • Breakouts
  • Blemishes
  • Blackheads
  • Whiteheads
  • Pustules/ papules
  • Uneven skin texture
  • Redness

To eliminate these typical signs of acne, use the products of the Belle Cote Parisbrand. You will be amazed to see the effectiveness of their products against acne.

What can cause acne to form? 

Every skin type develops a risk of experiencing acne, but if you have acne-type skin, it is inclined to frequent unwanted breakouts. Therefore, whenever the cycle of acne repeats again and again, the real problem starts there. Below, you will find the causes of acne on the skin. 

· Excess sebum production

The sebaceous glands of skin prone to acne produce more sebum than other skin types. Then, the excess sebum will start accumulating in your skin pores. Hence, the pores easily get clogged with the sebum and dirt mixture. Your skin cannot breathe properly, and eventually, it results in producing acne. 

· Age group

You might have seen children who often get breakouts in their teenage. Throughout this age group, they frequently experience getting pimples and acne. The reason why it happens is due to hormonal changes in their body. After they pass this particular age, acne generally eliminates from their skin. 

· Food intake

The food you take in always reflects on your skin. Therefore, those who consume more carbohydrates, sugar, or fried food have greater chances of developing acne. 

· Genes

Children usually inherit skin types from their parents. Thus, people with Acne prone skin will likely give their children similar skin. 

· Insufficient water

Dehydration of the skin always results in growing pimples on the skin. 

· Drugs intake

The intake of drugs or even mainly smoking disturbs the skin to produce unbalanced sebum. It makes pimples form. 

After reading about the causes of acne, you might be stressed out. So, to release this stress, opt for a good skin care regimen. You can try the Belle Cote Paris skincare regimen. Their products will prevent the formation of breakouts and acne on your skin.

How to treat skin prone to acne?

It is tough to tolerate acne-causing pimples. The constant pain produced by the pimples makes your skin condition miserable. You will always want an escape from this painful acne. Your skin becomes so sensitive that something doesn’t allow you to apply the products. 

The quickest way a person thinks about removing acne is to pinch the pimples. However, they aren’t aware of the reversed effects on the skin. As a reaction, your skin starts producing more pimples, and the infection primarily spreads. The Belle Cote Paris estheticians always recommend you not touch the pimples. So, be very careful with your skin next time you have pimples. 

Use a cleanser to wash the excess sebum, impurities, and dead skin cells from the skin. You can use it twice a day. Along with that, use the azelaic toner. It is the perfect acid to heal your acne and breakouts. Further, it minimizes the redness of the skin.

Start using the day light moisturizer for acne prone skin.This moisturizer heals your irritated skin and enhances calmness on skin. Similarly, it will prevent moisture loss from the skin.

After getting the proper treatment, acne, and pimples might leave the skin; however, blemishes and spots take a while to fade. So, use the drying lotion to minimize the appearance of blemishes. Skincare for acne also involves the usage of sun creams. The best sunscreen for acne prone skin is the double sun protection cream. It will prevent the UV rays from increasing the sensitivity of the skin.


You should find the most effective treatment for your Acne prone skin. Hence, the right ingredients and consistent skincare will help to eliminate the pimples and their spots from the skin.

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