Your Guide to Different Kinds of PLC and CompactLogix controller in the USA

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Different types of PLCs in the USA

There are three different types of PLCs of Allen Bradley

  • MicroLogix
  • CompactLogix
  • ControlLogix


The tiny control system uses this kind of PLC. Where fewer I/Os are necessary, we can use them. There should be a cost-effective option for applications on a modest scale. Use the rslogix500 programming language. It has pre-installed fixed me/Os (onboard I/O). No actual rack is needed.

A ribbon cable is used to link the input and output cards. The support communication port is an Ethernet port called RS-232/485. The controller can accommodate 6 analogs I/Os and 32 discrete I/O points. It has an LCD built-in.

CompactLogix control in the USA 

CompactLogic controllers in the USA this kind of PLC utilized in packing systems and machine control. It has an onboard I/O system integrated into it. An expansion module can be used to add more I/Os, however, it has some restrictions.

Software called Rslogix 5000 is needed for the programming. No actual rack is needed. The communication standards that are supported are Ethernet, Control Net, and Modbus. The controller can handle 16 motion axes and 30 I/O modules.


 This kind of PLC, ControlLogix in the USA, which utilizes different I/O modules, is utilized for big control systems, also known as a modular PLC. These PLCs are employed in motion control systems, batching, and processing.

Programming requires the Rslogix 5000 program. Rack-based I/O modules are employed. The communication protocols Ether Net/IP, Control Net, Device Net, and DH+ are all supported. For digital I/O, the controller provides 32 points per module. It supports RTD and thermocouple modules for analog I/O. CN has 16-channel module support. Five PLC programming languages are listed in the IEC standard.

  • Block diagram of a function.
  • Charts of sequential functions.
  • Organized Text.
  • List of instructions.
  • Ladder Logic CompactLogix controller in the USA

In 1769 Allen-Bradley Modern distributed control systems like CompactLogix Controllers in the USA have communication and I/O components. As a member of the Logix family of controllers, the CompactLogix controller offers a compact, potent, and reasonably priced system that includes a 1769-SDN communication interface module that provides I/O control and remote device configuration over Device Net. Every CompactLogix controller has a built-in serial port. Device Net communication network

In many small- and medium-sized industrial applications, the CompactLogix system is a Logix controller system. These systems are used to manage software applications. Typically, an I/O module-equip controller and the Device Net communication network are used to construct a CompactLogix system. The CompactLogix controller system in the USA, made by Allen-Bradley, provides cutting-edge control, I/O, and communication in a small container. Based on the input, output, memory, communication module, enclosure type, and mounting options, it is created with various specifications to fulfill various application needs.

Programming tool

The RSLogix 5000 programming tool can be used to control the CompactLogix system in the USA. The Ethernet/IP and Control Net ports are just two of the communication ports available on the Logix system. Different types of networks use these ports. The controller system can connect additional add-on devices via the built-in serial port. Local expansion modules are supported by the device.

The CompactLogix system can accommodate up to 3 I/O banks and 16/30 I/O modules with just 2 expansion cables. Any legitimate node address can be used by the controller to store network parameters. For more storage, a second CompactFlash card can be used.

A DIN Rail can be used to mount any CompactLogix Controller in the USA. For proper airflow, the distance between wire ways and enclosure walls should be kept during mounting. To provide power, the controllers use a lithium-ion battery.

The batteries need to be kept in a dry, cool environment. Each controller device has a reset button that, when pressed, erases all user programmers from the internal memory if the controllers experience starting issues. Controllers should support the device-level ring, linear, and conventional star topologies. A one-year guarantee is provided for each Compact Logix controller, beginning on the installation date.


  •  One USB port
  • Two Ethernet/IP ports, and support for local extension modules
  • Commanding distributed and local I/O modules
  • Nonvolatile memory can be stored on Secure Digital (SD) cards.
  • A battery is no longer required thanks to the integrated energy-storage system.

Support for Integrated Motion across an Ether Net/IP network, some mix of embedded digital, analog, and high-speed counter modules, and access to Device Net networks are all requirements.

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  • How many modules of CompactLogix are there?

The power supply distance rating for the CompactLogix controller is four modules.

  • What application is utilized to program CompactLogix?

To enable users to collaborate on system design and maintenance, all standard and safety controllers employ the Studio 5000 Logix Designer application, a cutting-edge programming environment. 

  • Do CompactLogix work on batteries? 

The only battery you can use with is CompactLogicx controller is 1769-BA.

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