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Wyze Doorbell Setup

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All that is needed to complete installation is to plug in the power cord that comes with the Wyze doorbell. Installation shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes if your mechanical doorbell is suitable and you already have one. Wyze promo code is available to use for a discount.


For Wyze Doorbell to work, there must already be a wired, mechanical doorbell. The power supply for the current circuit must be at least 16V and 10VA.

Find out what’s in this box of mystery! Doorbell installation for Wyze

  • One Wyze Video Doorbell is Included
  • 1 × Wyze’s Chime
  • Wall mounting plate, number one
  • A single 30 degree angular wedge.
  • two screws for attaching to the top of the wall
  • 2 Pack of Upper-Wall Screw Expansion Tubes
  • Two adapter wires.
  • 1 fuse wire, 2 mounting screws.
  • These wire covers come in a set of four.


  • One Phillips screwdriver


To get your new doorbell working, just adhere to the first five guidelines in the Wyze doorbell installation Setup Guide.
You can use the Wyze app to wire your doorbell by following the instructions below.

  1. Disconnect your mechanical doorbell from the mains at the breaker box if you still use one.
  2. Where in the electrical panel is the switch for the doorbells?
  3. Snap a photo of the chime box’s interior as it is right now.
  4. You can choose your desired wiring configuration within the Wyze app (number of wires).
  5. Avoid utilising the bell’s integrated wiring.
  • It is necessary to connect the two wires to the fuse wire in accordance with the provided instructions.
  • If you have three wires, pick the appropriate door and connect them as instructed.
  • If there are more than four wires, check the instructions to determine where each one should go.
  • Experimenting with various strategies will be required. If you do not feel safe checking your electrical panel, stop immediately. It’s best to call a professional if an electrical issue emerges.


  • The wire setup is complete. Go to Step 5 to complete the doorbell installation.
  • Confirm that you have access to all necessary supplies and tools. Use the Next button on the app.
  • Take the old doorbell out and disconnect it.
  • You have the option of having your doorbell hang parallel to the door or perpendicular to the door.
  • Select the viewpoint that appeals to you the most.
  • A wall plate that is flat against the wall.
  • Angled viewpoint; wedge.
  • Use the extra wires that came with your new doorbell to assemble it.
  • Use your screwdriver to remove the screws holding the doorbell base in place.
  • Attach the crimped end of the first wire to the first screw.
  • Repeat the procedure with a second wire and screw.

Please tighten the screws one more.


Twist the two ends together to form a connection, cap the wires, and repeat the procedure.

  • Simply select the Show Me How option if you need assistance using the Wire Cap.
  • Fortunately, since yours is hardwired, you may now install a doorbell.
  • To reconnect the doorbell, return to the breaker box and turn the switch.
  • If it has been connected properly, Wyze Video should work as intended. The indication light on the doorbell will be flashing yellow.
  • Why doesn’t the area have a yellow warning light? Look at this: even though my doorbell is hardwired, no warning lights of any type are being displayed.
  • Slide the doorbell into the wall plate or wedge to secure it.
  • Hooray! Your shiny, new doorbell is now installed and ready for you to finish the setup process.

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The power requirements must be determined before we begin. Errors could be harmful. Voltage overload could result in a house fire, electric shock, or both. Use a reliable power source.

Doorbell voltage WYZE The WYZE video doorbell requires 16 to 24 volts. You could also use a 5 V USB. WYZE video doorbell requires 2 Amps at 5 Volts or 10 Volt-Amps.


These specifications are shared by a typical doorbell transformer and the WYZE video doorbell.

The USB port can be used to power WYZE Doorbell instead of the back connectors. A micro USB port is located above the power connections. A plastic plug needs to be taken out.


Your Wyze doorbell installation Doorbell camera can be used everywhere there is an outlet if you have a USB power source. Later If you use a USB power source. Be sure it has a minimum of 5 V and 2 A.
You can reach the doorbell thanks to the 24-foot cord that comes with this power supply.


I hope you have access to electricity. Step 1

  • Wyze doorbell setup requires a power supply.
  • Electrical cable from wall outlet to installation site
  • After installing and attaching the WYZE Doorbell, plug in the power supply. You’ll jolt yourself awake.
  • The Wyze doorbell may be charged anywhere. Here are some examples of how to operate a doorbell’s power source in a regular setting.

The video that follows is for Ring doorbells, but WYZE functions similarly. The Ring Plug-in Adapter could be used. It was too expensive.


  • How to install a WYZE Doorbell is provided here.
  • WYZE doorbell begins pairing mode after being powered up. “Ready to connect” will be announced by an orange-glow front bell.

Alternate WYZE Video Doorbells

Anywhere that has a USB power supply can use the WYZE Doorbell. There is no video doorbell here. a one-way visual, two-way audio gadget.

The following examples of WYZE video doorbell usage

  • Baby monitors for elders
  • The person can use a doorbell as a monitor and press it when they need something.
  • Customer note from the business owner.

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