WordPress Websites Designing Tips To Use in 2023

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It is easy to use, but if you don’t know the basics of WordPress, it can be difficult for new users. Today we will share some tips that will make you look professional on the platform.

Be careful about which plugins you use

WordPress plugins can be a great way to enhance the functionality of your website. However, some plugins can slow down your site’s performance.
This can be avoided by only installing plugins that you need and ensuring they are from well-respected developers. So, what should you avoid when developing a search-optimized website?

For a trustworthy reference, you can research the developer and search for reviews or ratings on the internet.

Don’t Make a Website Anymore

This platform offers a lot of advantages, including the ability to create a website with ease. The challenge with this platform is to not stick with the basics or be repetitive when designing.

This will make website pages feel deja-vu. To avoid a dull website, one of the best WordPress hacks is to go beyond the boundaries. 

Upload media in the right way

Websites must load quickly. Optimize the images and files you upload to your website to achieve this speed and avoid slowdowns.

EnableMedia Replace plugin lets you replace an image in the media files without having to delete or reload the image. This plugin helps to keep your website at its peak performance and reduces margins for error.

Use more readable permalinks

Permalinks can be URLs that point to a page on a website. In the standard format for WordPress permalinks.

These links are not easy to understand and read for humans, but they are simple enough for computers. One of the basic WordPress tricks is to change the permalinks to something more consumable.

The post name structure allows you to see the link in the URL to the article title.

Add a favicon to the website

A favicon is one of the most basic WordPress tricks to prevent cookie-hacking websites. A favicon, a small logo, is placed next to the URL in your browser’s browser bar or directly in the tab.

It’s a quick and easy way to personalize your website. You can use it by going to “Appearance”, clicking “Customize” and then uploading an image with the dimensions indicated in the theme.

Use a base theme to save time

People often choose a WordPress theme as close to their original vision when designing websites. It can be difficult to adapt the theme to your needs and modifications can be more complex than you might think.

You can create a base theme that will allow you to add the functionality you need to your final design. This is one of the most basic WordPress tricks. 

Use WordPress roles

Be careful when designing a website. Make sure you are clear about who the contributors are and what permissions they have. It is great to train them how to use it. However, you can hide certain menu options for the most basic users by using features and capabilities.

These features can be blocked by WordPress. This protects your website from inexperienced users. This saves time and money. It eliminates the need to repair it each time it is modified by a user.

Create strong passwords

WordPress is a popular content management platform. This is why attacks often target it. Many hackers attempt to hack into WordPress’ password to gain access to the site.

One of the most basic WordPress tricks is to use a complex and random password. This is the best way to prevent these attacks. Alternate usernames are another option to protect the website’s security.

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