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Why OnePlus is the Top Choice for Mobile Users in UAE: Expert Insights and Reviews

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OnePlus is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer that has made a name for itself in the UAE market. It is known for its high-end devices with premium features at an affordable price point. In this blog, based on expert insights and reviews, we’ll explore why OnePlus is the top choice for mobile users in UAE.

History and background of the OnePlus mobile company:

OnePlus is a relatively young smartphone company founded in 2013 by former Oppo executives Pete Lau and Carl Pei. The company initially aimed to create a best smartphone that would rival the top-tier devices from well-established brands like Samsung and Apple.

Their first smartphone, the OnePlus One, was released in 2014, and it quickly garnered attention for its high-end features at an affordable price point. It was marketed as the “flagship killer”. It offered premium features such as a powerful processor, a high-quality camera, and a large display at a fraction of the cost of other high-end devices.

Since then, OnePlus has released several successful models, including the OnePlus 6T, the OnePlus 7 Pro, and the OnePlus 8T. The company has gained a loyal following of tech enthusiasts who appreciate the brand’s commitment to innovation, quality, and affordability.

Today, OnePlus is a significant player in the global latest mobile phones market, with a strong presence in countries like India, the United States, and the United Arab Emirates.

Features of OnePlus:

OnePlus mobiles are known for their sleek design and build quality. The devices have a premium feel with a glass or metal back and a metal frame. They also feature a high-quality display with a resolution of 1080p or higher, which makes for a great viewing experience.

OnePlus phones latest mobiles also have high-quality cameras that can take great photos and videos. Additionally, OnePlus devices are known for their fast performance and speed, thanks to their powerful Snapdragon processors.

They also have long battery life, a great advantage for users who need their devices to last all day. Finally, OnePlus devices run on their custom user interface, known for its smooth and intuitive user experience.

Expert Insights and Reviews:

Experts in UAE have praised best OnePlus mobile phones for their high-end features and affordable price point. According to a review by Gulf News, the OnePlus 8 Pro is “a top contender for one of the best Android phones in the market”.

Similarly, a review by TechRadar praised the OnePlus 9 Pro for its “excellent camera, stunning display, and fast performance”. Customer reviews also attest to the quality of OnePlus devices, with many praising the devices for their value for money.

Comparison with Other Brands:

OnePlus is often compared with other popular brands in UAE, such as Samsung and Apple. While Samsung and Apple devices are known for their brand reputation and high-end features, OnePlus devices are known for their affordability and high-end features.

OnePlus mobiles are also known for their customization options, which allow users to personalize their devices to their liking. However, in some models, OnePlus devices have disadvantages, such as the lack of wireless charging and water resistance.

OnePlus in UAE Market:

OnePlus has gained popularity in the UAE market in recent years. According to a report by StatCounter, OnePlus had a market share of 5.58% in UAE as of April 2021. OnePlus devices are also readily available in UAE, with many online and brick-and-mortar retailers offering the devices at competitive prices.

In terms of price, OnePlus devices are often more affordable than other high-end brands, such as Samsung and Apple, making them an excellent option for budget-conscious users.


OnePlus is a top choice for mobile users in UAE due to its high-end features and affordable price point. The devices have received positive reviews from experts and customers alike and are known for their fast performance, long battery life, and customization options.

While OnePlus devices may not have all the features of other high-end brands, they offer excellent value for money and are a great option for those on a budget. With the growing popularity of OnePlus mobiles in the UAE market, it will be interesting to see how the brand continues to evolve and innovate in the future.

People also ask

 Are refurbished OnePlus devices available in UAE?

 Yes, refurbished OnePlus devices are available in UAE. Many online and brick-and-mortar retailers offer refurbished OnePlus devices at competitive prices.

Are OnePlus devices compatible with UAE’s 5G network?

 OnePlus devices are compatible with UAE’s 5G network. The devices have been designed to work with the latest network technology, including 5G.

How does the price of OnePlus devices compare to other high-end brands in UAE?

OnePlus devices are generally more affordable than high-end brands such as Samsung and Apple. It is due to the brand’s focus on offering high-end features at an affordable price point.

Do OnePlus devices come with a warranty in UAE?

Yes, OnePlus devices come with a warranty in UAE. The warranty period may vary depending on the retailer, but most retailers offer a one-year warranty on OnePlus devices.

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