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Car Dash Cam

Why Every Driver Should Consider Installing A Car Dash Cam In India?

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For the past few years, car dash cams have evolved mainly because of their numerous benefits to drivers and road users. The camera is mounted on the car’s dashboard to record videos and sounds when driving, rendering it a vital device for every driver in India to install in their vehicle. 

Here are reasons why every driver should consider installing a car dash cam:-

1. Helps You Become A Better Driver

Experts in different fields review videos of themselves to perfect their craft, which also applies to your driving. Spending a long day reviewing the video of how you operate your car can help make you a better driver. It can also help you determine the time you take to parallel park and if you change lanes carelessly. Additionally, you can correct driving mistakes such as braking hard, making unlawful turns and moving at very high speeds.

2. First-hand Evidence of a Car Accident

Most drivers install car dash cams in India for first-hand proof in case of an accident. It can show real-time and clear evidence of any incident, such as a crash or an incident where proving you were not at fault can be tough. With proof from a dash cam, you can support your claim. You save money, time and distress in the long run. When buying the camera, ensure you get good quality clear footage as supporting evidence.

3. Prevents Vandalism and Car Break-Ins

Vandalism and car break-ins are common and happen everywhere worldwide. A dash cam is essential to help monitor when left unattended. Most cars come equipped with something else, not a sentry mode, like a Tesla. Getting a car camera with a monitor to record footage in parking can help prevent vandalism and break-ins. The camera is a deterrent and stops thieves from entering your car. If the vehicle is vandalized or broken into, you have the evidence to show the police when you file a report.

4. Prevents Parking Accidents

Parking can be quite a task, especially for starters. You might park your car in good condition to return and find it vandalized or scratched. If you have installed a dash cam, it will help record such incidents and identify the perpetrators. These incidents happen in public places at night after relieving your car for a long time. Installing a car camera with a monitor will give you peace of mind.

5. Prevent Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud is a common thing for insurance firms and honest drivers. People are crazy. Some cause accidents intentionally and blame the other party for extorting money. Sometimes they even fake injuries and add to the insurance costs. A car dash cam in India will record everything and prevent spammers from extorting money, as dealing with dishonest drivers can be hard. 

Every driver should install a dash cam for the benefits it offers. Today, recklessness and vandalism abound, so drivers should not risk being on the road without a contingency plan. Apart from safety, protecting your car or having evidence for your insurance company if the face of a car theft or the vehicle getting vandalized is crucial.

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