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Why Buying Refurbished Phone A Smart Choice?

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Phones have become a necessity in everyday life and with smartphones getting smarter, they are contributing largely to making daily life easygoing. However, with the advancement in technology rapidly, it becomes difficult to cope with the updated technology always. More so, when it is related to electronic devices that are highly priced. If mobile phones are concerned then in recent times, a new phone with updated features and operating system is launched now and then. And for someone who is a tech enthusiast, it becomes financially difficult to get their hands on everything that is newly launched. Companies like Samsung, launch high-end flagship phones that are expensive but are featured packed with the latest technologies. However, upgrading the existing mobile for every new launch is both unfunctional and impractical, and this is where refurbished phones come into the picture. If the sales of the refurbished Samsung phones in the UK alone are considered, we can get an idea of how popular are these variants lately.

The market for refurbished phones seems to be basking in the glory of profitable marketing and popularity. From retail mobile shops to e-commerce sites, all selling platforms nowadays have a dedicated space for the refurbished variants of premium phones. Many people find the refurbished variant to be a practical choice for owning a premium phone as these variants are sold at a significantly discounted amount. It is the best way out to experience the features of a high-end premium phone with all its glory but at a price much lower than its brand-new counterpart.

When looking at the acceptance and adoration for refurbished phones among customers, it can make you wonder why people consider a pre-owned phone instead of a brand-new variant. Well, the refurbished or pre-owned phones come with their own set of reasons that can lure a customer to invest their money in them. But before we dig out the reasons, let’s first find out why are phones refurbished in the first place.

Why are phones refurbished?


Refurbished phones are pre-owned phones that are restored to the new condition after thoroughly checking them for any faults or technological glitches and then sold for a price lesser than the original price.

Many people sell their phones either because they need cash against them or because they are upgrading their handsets to a different model. These phones when sold to the vendors undergo vigorous checking for any technical errors and are then conditioned as new before selling. However, any phone gets eligible to be resold under the title of “refurbished” only within a certain period and only if the phone is undamaged.

Why is buying a refurbished phone a smart choice?


  • An affordable alternative: One of the most appealing characteristics of purchasing a refurbished phone is that it is affordable. Premium and expensive phones are available with lucrative discounts and so are the best way to own a premium phone without making a hole in the pocket. Depending on the model and the condition of the mobile, a refurbished mobile can be 40% cheaper than its brand-new counterpart. However, when “condition” is mentioned it strictly means the cosmetic condition as the features need to be 100% alright for a phone to be sold as refurbished.

  • Longer lifespan: There is a misconception among some that refurbished phones do not have a longer lifespan or can lose their functionality in a short term. However, that is definitely not the case with refurbished variants. On the contrary, there are certain surprising anecdotes of refurbished phones working perfectly well for years. So, when investing in a refurbished phone, you can be assured that from the features point of view they are as good as a new one.

  • Comprehensive warranty: Refurbished phones when purchased from a reputed retailer or a trustworthy site, comes with a long and comprehensive warranty. Most retailers or sites cover the refurbished device with a 12-month warranty to safeguard the customer’s investment. With the warranty, you no need to worry about future troubles or glitches regarding your refurbished device.

  • A Sustainable Choice: Purchasing a refurbished phone means you are contributing positively to the recycling process by reusing a pre-owned product. As it is a known fact that the production of every new mobile brings along carbon emissions that are harmful to nature. So by opting for a pre-owned phone you can help cut down the emissions to at least a certain point as this demonstrates responsible recycling of existing resources. This saves the environment from harmful carbon emissions and irrelevant electronic waste.

Is it safe to purchase a refurbished phone?


It is absolutely safe and practical to buy a refurbished phone. However, it is recommended to be careful during the purchase and buy it only from a recognized retail mobile shop or a genuine e-commerce site that is reputed to sell refurbished products. Since these devices are tested and restored to working order, they are found to be functioning like a new ones with no complaints of technical errors.

Final Word

If you are a tech freak but are determined to save the planet from unnecessary emissions or bulking e-wastes, then refurbished phones are the one for you. The sale of premium refurbished Samsung phones in the UK or refurbished iPhones has of late got quite the hype and customers are making significant purchases of the same.

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