International movers company in Dubai
International movers company in Dubai

What You Should Know About Movers’ Liability and the Contract

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The return of sunny days marks the start of the high season for moving. Are you planning to hire a professional? International movers company in Dubai  that the transport of your personal effects goes as well as possible. And the keys to react well in the event of a problem

Calling on a moving professional to change neighborhoods, cities or countries cannot be improvised. Depending on the formula chosen, the bill will be more or less salty and the services more or less complete. The point on the mistakes not to make when drawing up the estimate. The points to check before signing the contract and the remedies available to you in the event of a dispute.

• The Different Formulas

The move includes, in principle, the packing of the furniture (excluding the economy formula). Loading, transport and unpacking at the new place of residence.

The Three Categories.

 Most companies offer three moving options. With the economy service, the customer dismantles and packs furniture and objects himself. The movers only take care of the handling and transport. In the traditional service, the customer packs non-fragile objects (books, clothes, etc.). The movers take care of the rest (crockery, trinkets, mirrors, etc.). 

The volume to be transported. The mover calculates the volume to be transported from the elements communicated by the customer. As this volume partly determines the total cost, it is desirable that a sales representative from the company come to your home to assess it. Nevertheless, the evaluation of the number of cubic meters is often random. But, once the volume has been established, the professional will not be able to claim a higher price from you if there is a surplus, unless he demonstrates that you have misinformed him by omitting, for example, the furniture stored in the attic.

• The Contract

It consists of three elements: the quote, the consignment note and the declaration of value.

The written estimate.The establishment of an estimate is obligatory and free. The contact details of the moving company and those of the customer must be included; the volume to be transported; the dates and places of loading and delivery, as well as the kilometric distance, the type of trip (organised, special) and the service chosen (packaging by the company or by the customer, etc.). The price must be indicated excluding VAT and including VAT, and accompanied by the statement that it is final, the mover cannot charge additional costs, unless expressly modified in the estimate. Finally, you must find there the methods of payment, the date of drafting of the estimate and its period of validity, the amount of the contractual guarantee, the procedure to be followed by the customer

Once the estimate has been signed, the mover is entitled to request payment of part of the price, the balance being paid on delivery. If the total cost is significant, an interim payment may be required, usually at the time of loading. Generally the sums paid with the order are installments.

The Consignment Note. 

It is a mandatory administrative document which includes the same information as the estimate. The letter is drawn up in four sections. The first is kept for two years by the company, the second is given to the customer before the move, the third accompanies the furniture in the truck. The last part is the delivery note. It is itself made up of two parts, one intended for the company, the other given to the customer at the end of the move. It is on the latter that the customer has reservations in the event of deterioration or loss.

The Declaration Of Value.

Companies are required to compensate the customer if damage is caused to the furniture. This is why they include a maximum amount of guarantee, for example 15,000 euros for 30 cubic meters. It is mentioned on the front of the consignment note under the heading “guarantee of contractual liability”. In some cases, the guarantee is fixed per piece of furniture, without being able to exceed 750 euros. At the same time, the remover must make available to the customer a form of “declaration of value” so that he can determine the overall value of the goods transported and the individual value of those which exceed the amount of the guarantee indicated on the consignment note. For the latter, check if the multi-risk home covers the damage. 

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