What to Consider When Choosing a DC Sign Company

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Is your corporate signage outdated? Are you shifting office and need a new sign for the location? Want signage to promote your offerings? If you need signage to entice customers and convert the leads into sales, investing in a reputed and reliable Washington, DC sign company is inevitable. However, you shouldn’t decide to do business with the first sign company you come across. Before choosing your signage partner, you need to shop around, compare prices, and vet the short-listed candidates.

With numerous Washington, DC sign companies out there, choosing one could be tricky. Though you can always seek referrals from friends, family, colleagues, or neighbors, you may not always get what you need. When you have to find asignage partner on your own, you need to consider a lot of factors beyond their quality of work. It’s often tricky to decide which Washington, DC sign company to trust, particularly when you don’t have a referral or haven’t worked with them before. If you feel baffled about the right choice, here are some factors to consider that will facilitate your decision-making process.

Check Portfolio and Expertise

A reputed Washington, DC sign company should have a portfolio of its work for you to look at. When short-listing your potential signage partners, you should look for their portfolios, which should be readily available on their websites. If not, you need to ask them if they have one. Checking the portfolio of a particular company can give you a great idea of what results you can anticipate if you decide to hire it. If the portfolio impresses you or you notice something specific about a particular sign that you want for your signage too, you can move forward with that company.

When selecting a commercial sign company, you also need to check their expertise to ensure they understand the nitty-gritty of their trade and are confident of offering high-quality results. To know more about their expertise, you can ask questions about their specialties, how long they have been in business, the challenges they have faced, etc. You may even ask them about some projects similar to yours, if any, that they have enjoyed working upon.

Checking the portfolio and evaluating the expertise of your potential signage partners can help you get a better idea of their work culture, level of commitment, and customer-friendliness. This way, you will be able to make a wise decision.

Find About the Services on Offer

You need to know for sure that your chosen Washington, DC sign company can complete your signage project competently on time. By asking the company about its services and customization options, you can learn if they specialize in creating a handful of signs or can do it all, including exterior signs, interior signs, customized signs, event signs, vehicle graphics, etc.

Asking questions about the services on offer will also let you learn if any part of the process is outsourced. Not every Washington, DC sign company offers in-house design, manufacturing, maintenance, and installation. Ideally, you should choose a full-service signage partner that can handle your diverse signage requirements and ensure your signs last long.

You should also look into your short-listed Washington, DC sign company’s licenses and memberships related to the field. This will ensure your chosen company is licensed and capable of doing the work legally. For instance, if you plan to hire a Washington, DC sign company for your ADA signs to mark accessible parking spaces, your signage partner should know about the legal necessities like the height at which the signs need to be mounted, their lettering, border, background, and surface, etc.

Maintenance and Installation Services

Once your custom signage is created, you will need to install it. Over time, you will also require support and maintenance to ensure your sign serves you for long and looks good. That’s why seeking a sign company offering installation services, support, and maintenance will be a wise choice.

Your signs will undergo wear and tear over time, especially if they are positioned on the exterior of your building and exposed to the elements. This can give rise to problems that need repairs or replacements. Selecting a Washington, DC sign company that can deal with periodic maintenance and other support needs will decrease your headache and even let you form a beneficial, long-lasting relationship with your signage partner.

Dependable Washington, DC Sign Company

If you require a signage partner that has delivered exceptional results for hundreds of happy customers, don’t go beyond Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays. Since 1977, this Washington, DC sign company has been bringing its customers’ visions to life by designing bespoke and impactful signs for them.

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