Blue Gorgeous Wrap Shawl
Blue Gorgeous Wrap Shawl

What Shoes To Wear With A Blue Dress At A Wedding?

The choice of shoes is always decisive in the selection of an outfit with Blue Gorgeous Wrap Shawl. It is about the harmony of the whole, but also about your comfort. Because an outfit only suits us well if we are comfortable in it. The choice of shoes is therefore essential in order to compose the ideal outfit.

Here we are going to look at the different marriages that you can make between a navy blue dress and a pair of shoes.

Dress Style And Silhouette

The first criterion that must be asked in terms of dress and shoe is a question of style. Indeed, you will have to choose dress and shoes that have the same spirit. A very dressy pair of shoes with a dress with sportswear curves will not go well together.

You will also need to know if you want to stretch your figure or not. This choice will depend on the height of the soles or heels of the shoes you choose. 

High heels or platform shoes, depending on your desires and needs, you can bet on shoes that will make you gain a few centimeters in height and thus refine your silhouette by giving it a little height.

Pumps, Ankle Boots, Heels, Ballet Flats… What Type Of Shoes To Wear?

The choice of the type of shoe will depend on multiple criteria such as the style of the dress, but also its cut. Heels can work just as well with long navy blue dresses as with a short or asymmetrical dress. 

Ballerinas, sneakers or pumps can be combined with a skater dress, for example. The material of the dress will also be taken into consideration in the choice of shoes. Indeed, materials can be classified in families that go more or less well together. 

A navy blue denim dress will not, or very rarely, go well with a pair of patent heels.

What Color For The Shoes?

The color of the shoes will have to be chosen with care. You will have the possibility to combine many colors with navy blue. You can easily put white, beige, red or even pink. Here again, the color will contribute to asserting a style.

Total Navy Look

You can choose to compose your outfit with a complete navy look. It will then be a question of bringing a sailor touch or, failing that, white and a touch of red. Whatever the season and the occasion, the marine style is always very well appreciated. 

It will allow many people to find a perfect outfit, quickly. With a navy outfit, you can wear red leather sandals or even white or navy blue ankle boots to bring a tone-on-tone color.

Classic and elegant, navy blue is a timeless color that is easy to wear and coordinate. At a wedding, the navy blue dress is therefore always an excellent choice. 

But to bring it a touch of modernity, you have to know how to wear it with the right accessories and clothes. The jacket is obviously essential, especially to warm up at the end of the evening. We offer you to answer the question which jacket to wear with a navy blue dress for a wedding.

The Style Of Jacket For A Wedding

First of all, there is the question of the choice of the jacket itself. For an occasion such as a wedding, the denim jacket and the leather biker jacket, as trendy as they are, are not necessarily appropriate.

 However, these jackets have the advantage of energizing the navy blue dress, which is sometimes a little too classic. The blazer is often the ideal solution. Choose a fitted cut and roll up the sleeves to energize your outfit. 

An officer jacket can also bring a certain amount of originality. Also choose a jacket whose length matches that of your dress. To structure the silhouette, whether you wear a long or short dress, the ideal is to opt for a jacket that you can tie at the waist or fitted.

What Jacket Color To Choose With A Navy Blue Dress

The navy blue dress is always popular because its color is easy to match. To be sure not to commit any faux pas, turn to a black or white jacket. A camel jacket is a trendy alternative to adopt. To bring fantasy to your wedding outfit, you can also dare to use bold colors.  Navy blue goes well with shades such as yellow, coral, fuchsia, green…

For more sobriety, it is also possible to create shades of blue or tone on tone. A light blue or turquoise jacket can highlight your little navy blue dress with Spring Nail Colors


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