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What is FRP/ GRP Cable Tray and its Accessories?

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Are you searching for the FRP cable tray and its accessories? If Yes, then take a look at this article so that it can help you to better understand the topic and can help you in your further projects. 

Here down below we are providing the complete information regarding the FRP/GRP cable tray and the accessories as well. 

What is a FRP cable tray?

Fibreglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) is an ideal choice for repairing, replacing, and retrofitting the existing steel. It is also known as fibreglass cable trays, non-metallic cable trays, and glass-reinforced plastic(GRP) cable trays. It is made of premium material that helps in protecting the cable tray from getting damaged, UV- resistance, and other factors. This cable tray is portable and can move from one location to another easily. Excellent insulation qualities, great strength, extremely low heat conductivity, ease of installation, etc. are only a few of the characteristics of FRP trays.

Non-metallic FRP cable tray helps in providing high protection to the cable tray and wires that help the cables to work in harsh environments where corrosion resistance and long life span are important factors. Fibreglass provides the same strength as compared to other steels. FRP cable tray has some great features such as high durability, high strength, easy installation, available in different sizes, etc. This cable tray is used in different industries such as marine, chemical,  refineries, oil and gas industries, port power plants, and other industries as well. It is designed to protect the cable wires and increase durability. 

These fibreglass cable tray systems have channels that organise the cable wires and keep a space in between them so that they do not collapse or mix together. These FRP cable trays accommodate many forms of wire including control wires, high-voltage power lines, power distribution cables, telecommunication wires, and optical fibre cables.

The FRP/ GRP cable tray has some standard specifications of sizes as per mentioned below:

Width50mm -600mm
Height25mm- 100mm
Thickness3mm -6mm
Size of panel4′ x 8′ and 4′ x 10′ 

FRP Cable Tray Accessories

FRP cable tray accessories are an important part of any cable tray system and are used to enhance the functionality and safety of the system. Here are some common FRP cable tray accessories:

1. FRP Coupler Plates

The FRP coupler plate is used for diverse applications to combine or join different plate interfaces. These plates are made from different materials and offer customization facilities as per the specifications of the client. It has some great features including a smooth finish, high strength, durability, and rust-free. 

FRP Expansion Plates

FRP expansion plates are a combination of lower-strength pipe and large thermal expansion. It is a weak link in the piping system to provide movement and flexibility. 

FRP Angle Plates

Frp Angle plates are used to install the wiring in the tunnels and manholes. It is easy to install because of its lightweight and easy cutting. However, it has great features including anti-corrosive, durable, lightweight, cost-effective, and easy installation. 

FRP Hold Down Clip

The main purpose of FRP Holds Down Clips is used to safeguard the panels that hold two joined grating bars so that they can fit easily and securely. It has great holding power and is mostly used for pultruded fibreglass gratings and stair treads.

FRP/SS Hold Down Clamp

Hold-down clamps are utilised to safeguard the FRP Cable Trays’ transverse lying as well as vertical mounting structure. We provide hold-down clamps for FRP/GRP Perforated cable trays of sizes. It is often used to carry and hold items combinedly and keep them stable by putting pressure.

FRP Cover Clamps

Cover clamps are used to restrict unwanted or accidental access because of their maximum use and safety requirement for any screw conveyor application.

Cable Ties

Cable ties are used to collect and organise and secure a lot of cables and wires together. It is available in different sizes, lengths, materials, etc. 

Blind Plates

Blind plates are mostly used to join or plug the pipe opening. It has some great features including durability, low maintenance, longevity, etc.

Divider Strips

Divider strips are used to provide a smooth transition between surfaces. It is specified in custom sizes and shapes, or in configurations such as company logos or store names.

SS Fish plate and Hardware

A SS Fish plate is a metal or wooden plate that is used to connect the sides of the ends of two rails. 


I hope the information provided above has cleared all your doubts about the raceway and trunking. As mentioned above, the FRP/GRP cable tray plays a significant role in repairing, replacing, and retrofitting the existing steel. It is made of premium material that helps in protecting the cable tray from getting damaged and is made of UV- resistant material. Fibreglass cable tray is used in several industries such as refineries, oil and gas industries, port power plants, and other industries as well. This tray comes with some accessories including an FRP coupler plate, angle plates, cover clamps, cable ties, etc. Additionally, the cable tray manufacturer provides you with the best material in a wide variety of sizes and also provides a customization facility as per the customer’s requirement. 

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