What is Digital Vinyl Printing? What is This Printing Used for?

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Digital vinyl printing, in the printing industry, covers a wide spectrum of media and print processes. Printed vinyl has taken the new era into a frenzy with its unique designs. New artists have come up with printed vinyl helping homes bring a retro factor to their walls. Primarily used in decor, you can stick this vinyl on walls, glass partitions and corner areas. From walls to buses, pieces of vinyl can be used to decorate anything. And all of this is just the tip of the iceberg of vinyl’s influence on the world. 

Let’s Get Into The Basics of Vinyl Printing And Where it is Used And Seen

What is Vinyl Printing?

The process of vinyl printing involves large, wide-format inkjet printing machines that recreate images on huge rolls of coated plastic. These plastic rolls are treated to receive ink, enabling them to get high-resolution images printed on them. These vinyl have a printed front and an adhesive back. Moreover, you can use glue to paste your printed vinyl on metal, glass, plastic and other surfaces. The beauty of this amazing thing is that it can adhere itself even on concrete and brick walls, making them excellent options for outdoor decor. 

  • Vinyl printing is done on large canvases as well. Plastic rolls as large as 200 feet can be printed.
  • The vinyl banners, due to their high quality, are of higher resolution as well. These images are enlarged as per your requirements and are sharp and clear.
  • For advertising and display purposes, vinyl printing is extremely affordable and hence, an economical option for brands. 

Custom Banner Printing

Digital print vinyl is available in various sizes as per requirement. Printable types of vinyl are essentially plastic rolls and come in large canvases. You must have seen large banners in airports or malls emphasising the tourism aspect of that city or state. Those banners are printed pieces of vinyl. Similarly, buses exclusively for tourists have printed vinyl stuck to them. Those vinyl often have images of the key tourist attractions to help the tourist get more idea of the place. This customisable vinyl can be found in multiple locations; therefore, they come in multiple sizes. The rolls can extend to as much as 150 feet in length. 

Printable Vinyl Material

Printable Vinyl is essentially printed, treated and coated plastic. The vinyl has two sides- a printed side and a lower surface. The printed side is coated to receive the liquid inkjet to reproduce the image that is to be printed. The lower surface is an adhesive agent. This is a reason vinyl is also called SAV or Self Adhesive Vinyl. Inkjet printing on vinyl gives it a polished and clear image with high resolution. 

The vinyl top coats can be glossy, matte or textured. Although there is no price difference between these, and if the seller takes a different price, it will be of a negligible margin. The texture and finish depend on the client’s requirements. If you are looking for photo reproduction, then glossy vinyl is the best, as they give off a mirror-like sheen. Advertising posters and banners are often made of matte vinyl. This ensures that the audience can read the text from afar and that it doesn’t reflect. Digital printed vinyl graphics banners and sheets can be purchased from reliable sellers. 

Printing Inks and Printers

Five types of wide-format inkjet printers can be found in the printing industry that includes-

  • Solvent Ink Printers
  • Eco Solvent Ink Printers
  • UV or Ultraviolet Ink Printers
  • Latex Printers,
  • Aqueous Ink Printers.

These machines can print on multiple surfaces like cloth, vinyl, flex, and other media. You can find these digital vinyl printers for sale from authentic sellers. Solvent Ink printers are an economical option if you are looking to print a billboard or a hoarding. Eco-solvent and Aqueous ink printers give stunning vinyl prints of fantastic resolution. However, they come at a higher price. Latex and UV printers can print on multiple surfaces like cloth, plastic, paper and even leather. 

Types of Vinyl and their Application

Depending upon the type of vinyl you require, the application process can emerge-

  • Standalone Vinyl Banners: These are large posters, billboards and hoardings made of matte-finished vinyl. They have an adhesive back and can be laminated to protect them from weather conditions and other outdoor exposure factors.
  • Photo Posters: Posters used in Exhibitions need to be a special kind. You should be able to roll them since they come from far away places, and at the same time, they need to be sturdy. Photo poster media gives a strong hold and has a suitable adhesive. It is made of superior-quality vinyl and gives off a premium finish.
  • Vinyl Prints Pasted on Foam Sheets: These are custom vinyl prints and can be pasted on sun boards or foam sheets. Vinyl sun board printing is done for custom pieces, and printed SAV is stuck on this plastic sheet. Mostly used for sales of products, these rigid vinyl banners bring an exclusive look at a marginal price.
  • Floor Graphics: These are printed on media that are thick and laminated around three times for rigidity and thickness. The adhesive is very strong so that the vinyl is not easily ripped off. Mostly installed in malls and other public places, they can withstand heavy wear and tear. UV inks are scratch resistant and hence, are mostly used for printing this vinyl.
  • Vehicle Graphics: These are pasted on vehicles for branding- like tourist buses, ad campaigns, voting campaigns, etc. Heat guns mold the cast vinyl on the vehicle between doors and bonnets, so it is not ripped off. This additionally gives off a uniform finish. 


Vinyl printing is a flexible process and is used in multiple places. You can also get media and ink as per your requirement. In addition to being resistant to elements, these types of vinyl serve multiple purposes in sales, marketing and advertising. It is advisable to go to authentic and reliable sellers to pitch your requirement so that they can help you choose your vinyl accordingly.

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