Pickup Rental truck Dubai
Pickup Rental truck Dubai

What Is an Individual Moving Truck Rental?

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Pickup Rental truck Dubai is increasingly popular for transporting business during a move. It consists of renting a light commercial vehicle directly from an individual, instead of professional rental services.

How It Works?

This may involve renting a van, a truck or even a van whose total authorized weight is less than 7.5 tones.
This approach fits into the framework of collaborative consumption and allows the owner to draw income from his vehicle during periods of inactivity.
The main advantages for the tenant lie in the more attractive rates, but also a more flexible service. What benefit for him from a Cheap moving truck rental.

How Does This Type of Rental Work?

The linking of owners and tenants of utility cars is carried out today through dedicated websites. These platforms, optimized for rental between individuals, are more practical, secure and reliable than traditional classifieds sites.
They include functionalities specifically designed to facilitate the search for offers and requests, as well as the management of a rental contract .
Vehicles suitable for moving are generally offered in hourly or daily rental packages, but can be reserved for several days or weeks, with or without mileage restrictions.  You register on a platform;

You Provide the Necessary Documents to Verify Your Identity;

You launch your search according to your criteria and reserve your utility by making the payment;

You go to the recovery address at the agreed meeting and make an inventory of the vehicle before departure;

You sign or approve the rental agreement;

You have the vehicle for the reserved period;

You return the vehicle within the agreed time and make an inventory on arrival.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of renting a truck for a move between individuals?

Reduced prices, simplified procedures, availability… car rental between individuals is advantageous in several respects, but also has a disadvantage.

Interesting Prices

Renting a utility vehicle from an owner to move represents significant savings. The prices of an individual on a platform are in fact up to 40% cheaper than those of a company.
You also have a very wide choice of vehicles and offers adapted to any budget, whatever your location.

More Flexible Procedures

The rental of utility between individuals also stands out for its flexibility, compared to the service of an agency .
This is particularly the case of the non-existent or very limited right of withdrawal for the tenant when he chooses to book with a professional. Reservation and rental extension procedures are also simplified for individuals.
These procedures are indeed managed in a few clicks through the connection platforms. The same is true for adding a second driver , the process of which is simplified with an individual.

Nearby Offers

The service between individuals offers the advantage of proximity and practicality. You can indeed easily find a rental company near your home, given the plurality of the offer.
This helps reduce your expenses by limiting trips to the agency. Proximity also allows you to optimize your organization and avoids you having to go to the agency to pick up or return the vehicle.

Older Car Models

Despite its advantages, the rental service between individuals has a drawback, particularly in terms of the condition of the car. Unlike agencies, which are able to regularly renew their fleets, individuals provide vehicles intended for their personal use.
As such, the utilities they offer are generally less recent than those of professionals. The choice is also limited in terms of options, equipment and functionalities.
An agency can, for example, provide you with a truck with tailgate to facilitate the loading and unloading of bulky objects. 

What Are the Best Platforms for Carrying Out Small Transport Between Individuals?

Among the sites for renting a van from an individual, two platforms are positioned as references, namely Getaround and Ouicar.


Getaround, formerly Drivy, unquestionably dominates the peer-to-peer car rental market in Europe. This network claims some 50,000 vehicles available for hire and 1.6 million users. A factor that does not fail to facilitate the search for a commercial vehicle near you for a move in France, or even internationally .
Gearound has a mobile application facilitating the procedures, including booking, payment, verification of rental documents, but also the inventory on departure and return.

Getaround collaborates with AXA for multi-risk insurance for rental vehicles, and with ARC Europe for assistance in the event of a breakdown. Each contract therefore includes coverage in the event of damage caused to third parties, damage to the vehicle , fire or theft. Roadside assistance is available for towing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This rental network also offers owners the possibility of installing their Get around Connect box. This device allows the tenant to unlock the vehicle, without the presence of the owner.


Ouicar is a major player in car rental between individuals in France. The site claims 30,000 vehicles, but has a fairly small fraction for utilities. This platform is ideal for carriers looking for light commercial vehicles, suitable for small moves. 

 Ouicar collaborates with AXA to insure vehicles rented through its platform. The insurance coverage extends from civil liability to loss of goods, including theft, fire, glass breakage and immobilization. The site also offers 24/7 towing assistance in the event of a breakdown. Ouicar also offers its tenants the option of partial or full deductible redemption.

The factors that change the price of a truck rental for a move between individuals

Several Parameters Will Affect the Price of Renting a Moving Vehicle from an Individual.

Vehicle Condition

Rental rates for movers’ cars vary in part based on their age and condition. A recent vehicle will naturally cost you more than an older model. It is about reliability, performance, but also ease of use.
All rented vehicles must still be in perfect safety condition, regardless of model and vintage.

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