What is 360-Degree Product Photography?

What is 360-Degree Product Photography?

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Marketing and advertising have become quite mundane in some ways. It’s not that easy now to capture the attention of a prospective customer, that is why you have to now think out of the box.

You can now use motion solutions for your eCommerce site and engage your customers. Rather than using those static photos, switch to 360-degree product photography.

A customer is now not satisfied from just viewing the product from a few different angles. That is why when they can interact with the image using 360-degree product video, they will have a connection with the item they are viewing.

There is tough competition online to win the audience’s attention, but 360-degree video animation can garner more eyeballs instead of push ads. It is a great way for sellers and manufacturers to display their products in the coolest way.

Let’s check out What are the Advantages of 360-Degree Product Photography-

1- Flaunt the Product from all Angles

One of the main and coolest features of 360-Degree Product Photography is that it will display your goods from every angle possible. It is a great thing for both the buyer and the seller. The customers can look at the product the way they would in a real shop, but from the confines of their homes. The image is interactive, and you can rotate and zoom on it. This can turn your mundane shopping experience into a fun experience.

360-degree video animation can enable customers to be more informed and make more self-aware choices. This will invoke a lot of trust in the brand. And help make a connection with the buyer.

2- Make your Product Stand Out

If you look at online commerce, every brand and company has equal opportunities. Visuals play a very important role in increasing the sales and popularity of a company. When you add 360-degree video animation, it will increase the fun quotient of the product.

Even if a seller adds hundreds of photos of a product, it can’t replace how a customer feels in a real shop. But through 360-degree product video, a seller can have the edge over other companies and also help the buyer in knowing the details of the product inside out.

3- Get Extra Images

In order to create a 360-degree product view, a CG artist will take 360 photos of the item so that the tool can navigate smoothly. It means you will have 360 images that can be used in the marketing and promo campaigns of the product.

Marketers can use these images for online catalogs and even in listings. They can also ask the CGI team to create a visual shot using these images. When a 3D model is made, a separate photoshoot is not needed.

 4- Increase your Website Rating

Google can define a website as useful or not useful based on the time spent by a person on it. If your website is engaging and nice, more people will stay on it for a long time. When a 360-degree video is included on the site, the users can spend more time interacting with the goods and checking them out.

They are not regular static pictures; hence, they create curiosity in people’s minds. In turn, people spend more time reviewing products, thus helping you rank your page higher.

5- It can Work Wonders for Interactive Campaigns 

When you make a 360-degree animation of your product, it can help you in your promotional campaigns. It looks more professional and cooler in ads. When a customer reads about a product and has a 360-degree video where they can gauge the product from all sides, it can help create a positive perception of the product. It helps you create your image as a creative and positive brand.

You can attract a younger audience by making use of this technology. This generation is oversaturated and bored by seeing static images on every post and ad campaign. A 360 video is like a breath of fresh air and can help you grab eyeballs easily.

Signing Off

It is evident from the blog that a 360-degree product view is beneficial for both parties. The consumer can get a better view of the nitty-gritty of the product, and the seller can display every feature very nicely, it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Display all your products the right way, the 360 ways! Make sure that your goods are displayed in all their glory!

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