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What Do You Mean By A Proxy Server And How Does It Perform?

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What is a Proxy Server?

The proxy server functions as a gateway between the internet and the user. It divides the end-users of the website they browse by acting as an intermediary server. this kind of server renders the diverse level of security, privacy, and functionality based on the usage or the company norms. While using this, when the user requests an address the internet traffic flows by the proxy server and hence the data flow to the user by the website using this server.

Modernized servers are much more advanced than forwarding the requests from the web, in the name of network performance and data security. It acts as a firewall and provides shared connections for the network and also speeds up the general requests by cache data. It keeps the internal network and users protected and also afford a high level of privacy.

Let us see how does a Proxy Server Works?

One unique protocol address (IP) is provided to each system on the internet. Let us assume the IP address as the street address for your computer. The internet sends the exact data to the computer through the corresponding IP address, similar to the post office delivering mail to your address.

The proxy server is a computer on the internet with an IP address which is known by your computer. when you send the web request, it first goes to the proxy server. On behalf of you, the it sends your web request, receives the data from the web server, and sends back to you the web requested data, hence you can get the web page requested in your browser.

When this transmits the web request you made, there is a probability that it may make changes to the data you send and yet you receive the data which you expect. It may change the IP address, hence the web server may not know your location. It encrypts the information while transmitting it.

What is the use of a Proxy server?

There are numerous purposes companies and individuals utilize a proxy server. HostingRaja provides the best Server in India where it offers 24/7 customer support via ticket system, phone, email and chat.

  • To control internet usage: By setting up the proxy server it is easier to monitor and control internet usage. by configuring it, specific website access can be denied. Even though the sites may not be blocked, the time spent on the web can be monitored and all the web requests can be seen.
  • Improved speed: With a good proxy server, the overall network performance of an organization can get better. It tend to cache popular websites, hence when a request is made, it checks for the recent copy of the website, by which it sends the saved copy.
  • Privacy: It is used to browse the internet privately Few proxy servers change the IP address and other identifiable data the web request contains. The destination server won’t know the original request IP address, hence keeping your browsing more private.
  • Security: We can configure our proxy server to encrypt the web request to prevent spying eyes from reading the transactions. You can also restrict known malware sites from any access by the proxy server.

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