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What Are The Steps Of The Best Umrah Tour?

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Umrah has always been the most significant and also mandatory pillar of Islam that every pilgrim dreams of. At the same time, it is also true that with the conduct of the umrah journey, you can be able to remove all the past sins and also gain the blessings of the Almighty Allah (SWT). There are some varied types of steps that are linked with the same, which can enable you to perform the best Umrah tour and also allow you to deepen your relationship with the Gracious Allah (SWT).

Learn all the details of Umrah

Umrah, which is also known as the sacred pilgrimage, has been conducted for years, as it allows the pilgrims to reconnect with the gracious Allah (SWT) and also helps them to remove all the past sins that they might have committed, either with intention or without any sort of intention. One of the primary purposes of Umrah is to possess the blessings of the Creator and also to be able to remove all the past mortal sins and purify the soul, which is the mandate in the present day for all Muslims across the globe.

Why is the conduct of Umrah so vital in the present day?

It is true that before the pandemic, millions of pilgrims were unable to do anything as there had been many restrictions that did not allow the pilgrims to conduct the journey in any way and also take a round around the walls of the Holy Kaaba, which allows the pilgrims to engulf themselves more towards Allah (SWT).

How to conduct the best Umrah Tour?

When it comes to the best Umrah tour, you will indeed be able to undertake the journey only with the aid of the cheapest Umrah packages from Kolkata to arrive in the Holy land and also to remove all your past sins. You do only need to reach out to the cheap and the best Umrah travel agency that can provide you with affordable Umrah packages that are sure to fit your budget in the best way.

Learn more about the Steps of Umrah.

If you have been wondering about how you can be able to conduct the sacred journey of your life, then this is for sure that you do need to know more of the Umrah steps, which can guide you in every way possible: 

Here is the list of the complete steps about Umrah, which are as follows:

  • Entering into a state of Ihram: This is indeed one of the best and the most vital steps that you do need to undergo while conducting the sacred journey of your life. Initially, you do need to enter into a state of Ihram that is sure to fetch you with the core understanding of conducting this journey and the reasons for being attached to the Supreme Creator. This is indeed the beginning of the journey that allows you to engulf yourself only with the thoughts of the Supreme Creator and nothing else.
  • The narration of the Talbiyah: The very next step associated with Umrah is the recitation of the Talbiyah which is also vital as it can lead to the growth of the key understanding of the reasons why you do wish to conduct the journey and also the significance related to it.

    All Umrah pilgrims need to recite the Talbiyah a prayer that declares their intent to perform the rites and rituals of the pilgrimage. It brings forth the glory of Allah (SWT) upon the pilgrims and gives them the strength to accomplish every bit of their divine journey by gaining sincerity and devotion toward the Lord. Recitation of the Talbiyah also creates a bond with Allah (SWT).

    All pilgrims then reach Mecca and each of the pilgrims is only allowed to focus more on Allah (SWT) and how they can also lead a life, filled with the blessings of the Supreme Creator. 
  • Performing Tawaf: This is also one of the most mandated things that you do need to do to complete the journey of Umrah. In Islam, the Holy Kaaba is considered to be very sacred, and the manner of walking round and round also enables a Muslim to complete the journey with more enthusiasm and sincerity. When a Muslim does enter the Masjid Al Haram, it is for sure that they do have to walk around the Kaaba at least 7 times in a row and this enables them to gain the blessings of the Lord and also deepen their thoughts more with Allah (SWT).
  • The conduct of Sa’ee: It is also for sure that through the conduct of Sa’ee, you can be able to establish the core understanding of being a true Muslim, unlike the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Each of the pilgrims needs to walk around the Safa and Marwa mountains to be able to attain the mercy of the Gracious Allah (SWT).
  • Halq and Taqseer: This is indeed the last step of the pilgrimage that allows the pilgrim to ward off all the earthly attachments and also shave a portion of their hair or even trim it which is also known as Taqseer.

The best Umrah trip is all about getting rid of all types of earthly attachments, and this can also lead to the growth of the unity of the pilgrim with the gracious Allah (SWT). Through the conduct of this pilgrimage, one is sure that one will be able to attain peace and unity and also establish a connection with the Gracious Allah (SWT).


Since we have come to the end of the blog, it is for sure that you do need to reach out to the best Umrah travel agency to fulfill your plans and also attain the blessings of the Creator that can make your life filled with prosperity.

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