What Are The Functions Of An Immigration Office?

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Are you planning to move to Canada? Then, you must first apply to an immigration program. There are several steps in the application process, along with following the rules and regulations stringently. Also, irrespective of the program you are going with, the entire procedure can be incredibly complex and requires the submission of proper verified documentation.  

Since the process can be laborious, taking the help of an experienced immigration office in your journey immigration to Canada can be a good decision. Immigration consultants will help you in every stage of your application process and assist you once you have moved to Canada. 

Features of Immigration Office

Immigration consultancies have several features, such as: 

  • Certain immigration consultancies assist with IELTS score, evaluation, documentation, legal registration, post-landing, etc. 
  • They have a transparent process which gets you through the hassle of moving to a foreign land. 
  • Generally, immigration consultancies have a dedicated team of employees with years of experience that provide you with the best solutions for all your challenges with immigration. 
  • You will also get a step-by-step explanation of the complete process that is set to work. 
  • Further, if you have difficulty picking a good immigration program, then immigration consultancies will help you choose that as well. 

Ultimately, you will have an error-free application process guaranteeing your immigration. 

Why Should You Take Assistance from Immigration Offices?

Immigration offices help you with a variety of things, including: 

Advising on immigration options

One of the primary things that immigration consultancies generally do is help you comprehend all the different Canadian immigration programs. They also assist with understanding the eligibility criteria, required documentation, the application process, and fees. 

Help in choosing the best program

Immigration consultancies provide you with suggestions on which immigration program will be the best for you. The suggestion is based on your work experience, age, qualifications, and other factors. However, you need to consider that an immigration consultancy cannot guarantee your application’s approval. At the same time, immigration consultancies can help you ensure the approval of your application. 

There are many factors at work behind that approval. For instance, if you are applying for permanent residence through the express entry system and have a low score, an immigration consultant can advise you on a temporary program. With a low score, you will have a better chance of qualifying for a temporary program than a permanent resident. 

Submitting immigration application

Authorised immigration consultancies can fill and submit your work permit, study permit, Canadian citizenship, and permanent residence applications for you. When hiring an immigration consultancy, you must share all your essential documents and personal information with the consultancy. This way, they can fill in the complete information and submit your form accordingly. 

Immigration consultancies can also review any application you fill out to ensure no crucial paperwork or information is missed. 

Communicating with the Canadian government

After you apply for immigration, there are chances that the Canadian government may want to communicate with you for further documentation. The action can be related to submitting additional documents or proof of authentication for a particular paperwork. You may also need to contact the Canadian government to know the current processing status of your application. For all this work, it is better to work with a reliable immigration consultancy. These consultancies can be your representative and communicate with the government.

Dealing with any hurdles

The immigration application process can be long and time-consuming loaded with several hurdles. The immigration consultancy that you hire will exercise patience and pay attention to every detail. They will track your application and ascertain that all the recent documents have been submitted. 

The consultancy will clear out these hurdles if there is a problem with your documents, processes, or payments. On the contrary, if a decision is made against your application, an immigration consultancy will work towards the appeal. They will resolve and prevent any issue that may come up in the immigration process. 


Immigration consultancies are experts in helping many people move to Canada or any other place. You can also consult the Canadian immigration office in Hyderabad to know what the best immigration program will be for you. Based on their advice, you can make your choice. If you face any hurdle, then an immigration officer will help you in working across it. 

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