Valley Of Flowers Trek: Beginners Guide

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Valley of Flowers in Chamoli quarter of Uttarakhand is one the most mesmerizing and photogenic premises in India. The vale was declared a national park of India in 1982. Bestowed with a stunning background of Himalayan ranges, untouched beauty, and fantastic foliage, the Valley of Flowers offers a whole new experience to trippers. 

The Valley of flowers positioned at an altitude of 12,654 feet i.e. 3858 meters, and 300 different kinds of flowers, makes the Valley of Flowers, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The altitudinous wildflowers are a magnificent sight on a sunny day, splashing in the breath and outlined by beautiful glaciers. The dewy-eyed land welcomes you with vibrant foliage within the picture-perfect frame of snow-limited mountains. Witness the paradise on earth with abundant alpine flowers that will enthrall your vision. It’s the idyllic touring passage for all nature suckers who wish to combine their love for nature and the adventure of running amidst the isolated paths that reverberate the brilliance of nature. 


History Behind The Valley Of Flowers

there is a veritable intriguing story behind the discovery of the Valley of Flowers. British perambulators Frank Smythe, R Holdsworth, and Eric Shipton lost their way in the region (while returning from Mount Kamet) and stumbled upon the Valley of flowers, in 1931.

Bedazzled by the beauty of this region, they decided to name it Valley of Flowers. Smythe, after his return, penned a book called “The Valley of Flowers”.


Ways To Reach 

When a place is so beautifully natural, it is always a little delicate to reach. You can reach the Valley of Flowers “by road”, through the village of Pulna. It is the nearest route. Pulna vill is about 3 km from Govind Ghat (starting point of the journey) towards the Ghangaria (base camp) route.

By Air:

The nearest airport is Jolly Grant, Dehradun, and the airport is well connected to Delhi by daily flights. Still, the motorable roads are connected only over Govind Ghat. 

By Train: 

The nearest railway station is Rishikesh, but the motorable roads are connected only over Govind Ghat. You’ll find taxis and buses from then to reach Govindghat.

By Road: 

The closest you can reach the Valley of Flowers by road is Govind Ghat. This requires a drive to Joshimath from Dehradun/Haridwar, also another one hour to Govind Ghat.

From Govind Ghat, there is about a 13 km journey along a steep path with a base camp at Ghangaria. Now, from Govind Ghat, a new motorable road of about 4 km leads up to Pulna vill. So, now the journey cuts down to about 4 km.


Beginners Guide 

● Permit And Entry Fees 

Permit: It is a World Heritage Site, so one has to register the name in the register for record purposes. Later, take a permit from the timber department to enter the Valley of Flowers. The ticket counter should be at the entrance.

Freights: The fee for Indian citizens is INR 150, and for foreign citizens, INR 650. Both are valid for 3 days.

Redundant days: If you are unable to complete the visit in 3 days, then for Indian Citizens, additional charges of INR 50 and for foreign citizens of INR 250, will be applicable. 

● Best Duration To Visit 

 Every time a spectacular flowering lagniappe begins in these high-altitude alpine meadows. Though it is open around mid-June till September. Once the snow starts melting, the appropriate time to visit is to view the blooming flowers in July and August.  The valley is not accessible beyond December until early May. Each month different flowers bloom carpeting the vale in colorful tones flowers. It might rain for a day or two, but the sight of the vale makes all the discomfort fly down.

Temperature And Climatic Condition 

The region is extremely affable for the utmost of the excursionists. Post-summer, it is not very cold. The journey is during the monsoon season. Anticipate 8-10 degrees throughout the day and about 3-5 degrees at night.  

During July, one can experience snow off the bridges, making it a beautiful sight to behold.  



High in the grand Himalayan Mountains with witching decor, Valley of Flowers is a place that ticks all the boxes of a traveler. The best part is that the journey is moderate and is pleasurable for everybody, and budget-friendly (if you decide to trek). Just as you set your foot into the Flower of Valley, the place will steal your heart down about some of the rarest found flowers on earth.

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