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Troubleshooting Guide to Fix Mywifiext Not Working Issue

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Mywifiext is the default web address of a Netgear wireless range extender. In order to set up the device manually, you are required to access this web address. But, a lot of users face issues while trying to access Are you also experiencing the same issue? Nodding your head in yes? Well, fret not. The reason being, in this post, we have talked about some hacks with the help of which, troubleshooting the mywifiext not working issue will become a piece of cake for you. Thus, quit waiting and read on.

[Fixed] Mywifiext Not Working Issue

Use the Correct Web Address

First of all, start by asking yourself the most basic question, “Have I entered the correct web address?” In case your answer turns out to be no, then it is advised that you enter the default web address of your Netgear extender again.

While doing so, make sure that you are making use of the address bar or URL field of your internet browser rather than the search bar.

For your information, if you enter the web address of the extender in the search bar of your internet browser, you will get redirected to a page that you do not want to get redirected to. Thus, take the necessary precaution.

Update the Internet Browser

Another thing that can be done from your end to troubleshoot the mywifiext not working issue is to update your internet browser to its latest version. Perhaps, it is not functioning on its most recent version due to which you have become a victim of the not working issue.

In case you are wondering which option you need to go to in order to update your internet browser, then know that accessing the Settings menu is required.

Clean the Internet Browser when Mywifiext Not Working

Apart from updating your existing internet browser to its most recent version, cleaning it up is also important. By ‘cleaning’ we mean, you need to make your web browser free of cache, cookies, and browsing history.

Once you are done updating and cleaning your browser, try to access the mywifiext page. Are you able to? No? Well then, it is a sign that you ought to walk through the next troubleshooting hack. There is a chance that it might help you out.

Verify the Ethernet Connection

A weak Ethernet connection is another one of the major reasons behind the mywifiext not working issue. Taking this into consideration, check the Ethernet cable you have used to connect your networking devices, i.e. the Netgear wireless range extender and home router.

In case it is worn out from any point, you need to buy a new one immediately. Once you get a new cable at your home, connect the networking devices using it. Also ensure that the connection is finger-tight at all costs.

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Also, ensure that the extender and the router are kept at a safe distance from each other. Otherwise, one more reason will come under the list of factors contributing to the not working issue. You wouldn’t want that now, would you?

Restart the Netgear Extender when Mywifiext Not Working

Although the last hack might have helped you to troubleshoot the not working issue, in case it did not, you should restart your Netgear extender.

Restarting your Netgear extender is a process of three simple steps. First, you need to turn off your Netgear wireless range extender. Second, you need to wait for some time. And third, turn on the device.

As soon as you are done restarting your Netgear extender. See if the not working issue has left you for good this time.


With this, we are ending our guide written on how one can troubleshoot the mywifiext not working issue. Though you will be able to resolve it with the help of the hacks given in this article. On the off chance, you are not able to, then try the ultimate hack, i.e. using the default IP address of your Netgear extender.

The default IP address of your device is In case you want to be sure of the decimals, it is recommended that you refer to the user manual that came along with your Netgear wireless range extender at the time of purchase.

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