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Top 5 Blockchain And Cryptocurrency Projects In The Metaverse

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A lot of developers are using the idea of the metaverse development in real blockchain projects right now. 

Here are the top 5 ecosystems for blockchain.

The Sandbox

This NFT game is very well-known right now. It started out as a simple mobile app, but over time it has changed into a complex metaverse based on Ethereum and its own token, SAND.

Users make an avatar that links to an e-wallet for managing non-fungible tokens, an internal currency (SAND), and a variety of other assets. The game has a built-in “play and earn” system that is meant to stimulate the economy even more.


This is a 3D metaverse where people can make avatars, buy land plots and equip them, host different events, and make digital content. The economy of Decentraland is based on the blockchain, which makes it possible to digitally identify and confirm ownership of in-game assets.

Real estate is the main digital asset in the game (LAND). Also, the metaverse has its own ERC-20 cryptocurrency token called MANA, which is used as a way for players to settle their own disputes.

Star Atlas

One of the most recent releases is “Star Atlas,” which is based on multiplayer games that use DeFi and metaverse blockchain technologies. In “Star Atlas,” players can buy digital items like land, spaceships, equipment, crew, and more.

The POLIS money system, which is the foundation of the game’s economy, has also been added. Experts think that Star Atlas has a lot of potential because of all the new ideas that went into making it.


The idea of the metaverse is used in a unique way in Enjin. It works on the blockchain and gives developers the chance to make software and SDK that makes it easy to make NFT. It involves a safe NFT development platform based on Ethereum.

By turning Enjin NFT into ENJ metaverse tokens, the system also makes sure that digital assets are very liquid. Also, because ENJ tokens are hard to get, they keep their value and can be collected digitally.


Bloktopia is a metaverse built on top of the Polygon blockchain where you can learn, make money, play games, and make things, all in virtual reality. It has a built-in “play-to-earn” game that uses the internal metaverse token BLOK, and it also gives Adblok the chance to advertise.

It also lets you sell real estate through Reblok. You can also make your own immersive gaming environments and play different games in the metaverse.

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