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Top 10 Himalayan Treks: Kedarkantha

Kedarkantha Trek

This trek is an easygoing and intermediate one that will need a minimum of 6-7 days to complete. This lies as a part of Uttarakhand’s glory. Kedarkantha trek can be accessed in all seasons, but it is asked not to visit this trek in the monsoon time since it will be such a harsh climate and atmosphere present there. The staggering and most exciting summit climb is a major thing that one can do here. This is having another peculiarity, that is., it is having a 360 degrees view of all the other peaks which have their existence in the Himalayas.

Brahmatal Trek

This trek needs around 6-7 days. It is an easy-to-moderate type of trek in its difficulty level. This trek is situated in Uttarakhand. It is declared that you can visit the trek in all seasons of the year except Monsoon. You will be so mesmerized to view the trails which are covered completely with snow, especially in the months from December to February. Till the end of April, it will be like this.

Dayara Bugyal Trek

Dayara Bugyal Trek needs 6-7 days of prolongation to complete. It is an easy and also sober trek when its difficulty level is bare in mind. This is a trek that is based in Uttarakhand, India. The forests, the ancient villages, the breathtaking campsites, the mountain views, and the alpine meadows, etc. provide that much beauty to this place making this a heaven. During the winter time, all these places will be covered completely with snow.

Deoriatal Chandrashila Trek

This is an easy-going one, which is situated in Uttarakhand, a paradise of all the daredevils. About a week or 6 days will be necessary to complete this. You all are welcomed to this heaven in all seasons except monsoon. This is very special in every aspect because all the major summits which are present in the Western, as well as Eastern Uttarakhand can be seen from this particular summit. From March to April, you will be so astonished to visit here because of the presence of the rhododendrons which will give such a visual treat to the eyes of all the people who are visiting here during this time.

Har Ki Dun Trek

This is a moderate one which is in Uttarakhand. This trek has a requirement of more than a week, that is, a minimum of 8 days to complete this particular trekking. Almost in all seasons, you can visit here since it is the best time to visit here. Whereas Rainy is not at all considered to be the best season to visit here. Along the way, you must visit the Ruinsara trek on the go, which seems so charming.

Phulara Ridge Trek

This is a moderate trek that is also situated in the Uttarakhand region. This is having a duration of 6 days to 1 week. Summer and Autumn are considered to be the best seasons to visit here. Especially in the months from September to November and from May to June is considered to be the best time to do trekking here. The Pushtara meadows are yet another beauty that acts as an ornament to this trek.

Sandakphu Phalut Trek

This is a moderate trek that needs approximately a week to cover. This trek covers the region of West Bengal in India along with some parts of Nepal. This trek is accessible throughout the year except for the monsoon time. You can see one particular thing here, that is, 4 out of the 5 tallest mountains which are present in this world can be seen just from this particular trek.

Tarsar Marsar Trek

This is a moderate trek in Kashmir, which needs a week to complete. This is accessible from the Mid- June to September time to all visitors. The Kashmir Great Lakes trek which is situated near can also be accessed which enhances the beauty of the treks. In between the lakes, you will be camping. You will be going to the Sundarsar on your way.

Gidara Bugyal Trek

This is a bit middling as well as a strenuous trek in Uttarakhand, which needs an approximation of a week or more to complete. Summer and Spring are the best seasons to visit this discrete trek. The ancient and largest high-altitude meadow is based here. The forest areas present here contribute more and more beauty to this trek.

Goechala Trek

This is a middling as well as a very difficult trek in the Sikkim region, which needs more than ten days to complete. Spring and Autumn are considered to be the best time to visit here. The view of 14 mountains just from the top of this trek is just another peculiar thing that you need to notice. During April and May, the rhododendrons make the path more attractive. Do visit Samiti lake as well.

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