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Tips to Plan a Virtual Event

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Virtual or Digital events entered the scene when the world was stuck with the pandemic and people were unable to move out of their places to attend the trade shows. However, it seems that the chapter on virtual events will not end after the pandemic is over. A lot of exhibitors now consider hosting a hybrid event to avail the networking benefits that come along with the digital possibility.

The only people at loss with the virtual events are the trade show booth manufacturers. However, we surely miss the mesmerizing exhibition booth design while attending a virtual event. There are different possibilities with both in-person and virtual events and in a big way, we can say that both hold an important value in the business model. We can find the hybrid event being organized by exhibitors in near future with how the trend is going.

If you too are planning to host a virtual event here are a few tips about how can you effectively do so.

Develop a pattern and concept

Unlike live events where you are spontaneous with the dialogue, in virtual events you need to develop a strategy and concept of how will you go about it.

  • Set up your goals for a virtual custom exhibit event.
  • Collect the content you would like to present at your event. Arrange the videos, white papers, etc. in sync with your pattern.
  • Configure communication channels like live chat, video chat, etc.

Keep the content user friendly

Not all the participants in your virtual trade show event will be technology savvy. So keep your content as user-friendly as possible. Remember you do not have your exhibition booth design here to grab the attention of the masses. You are doing it completely with the content you would be offering at the virtual event. Make it relevant and interesting along with informative. Visitors are no longer bound by geographical boundaries, so make yourself prepared to expect interaction in more than one language.

Keep it interactive

While at the physical event several factors can keep the visitor glued at your booth, in the virtual event it is only and only your interaction. The better you can engage your audience, the better shall be the success rate of your event. You need an art of communication when you are hosting a virtual event. There are chances of easy distraction and boredom so make your content lively and participative to get the audience’s attention.

Use social media to promote your event

It is needless to say that social media is the best platform to spread awareness of your virtual event. If nobody can find out about your event, then nobody would be attending it. So make sure you promote your virtual event through social media and emails to your contact lists. You may even consider writing an informative blog before the virtual event to spread awareness. Don’t forget to mention the date and time of your virtual event as part of the information.


Whether it is a physical event or a virtual event, it is very essential to make a quick follow-up with your contact list. Your chances to convert the audience into potential customers are high when you plan your follow-up within a week of your event when the memory of your event is still fresh in the minds of visitors.

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