This Acne Solution Kit Will Treat the Stubborn Acne

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Whatever the level of severity of your acne, adopting a skincare routine and sticking to it will help your skin clear it up! Have you tried every product available to treat your acne but nothing has worked, leaving you exhausted? Do you yearn for real advantages? You’re covered by Jenpharm’s anti-acne bundle, so stop worrying! All you need to do is stick to your skincare routine. If you have any kind of skin issue, you must realize that maintaining a regular skincare regimen will change the game for you. Because of its fragility, your skin needs special care from a clean skincare routine. Using hazardous preservatives and chemicals won’t give you skin as clear as glass. It’s time to quit using conventional skincare products and replace them with natural and organic options.

The anti-pimple bundle by Jenpharm has everything you need to treat acne-prone skin. This three-step acne treatment plan is accessible to everyone! If you have oily, acne-prone skin, this package is your best option for skincare. All that is necessary is to cleanse, protect, and apply serum to the affected area. You’ll receive wonderful results if you just stick to your straightforward skincare regimen.

What does anti-acne package contain?

The 3% MandelAC face cleanser, 20% Mandelac acid serum (AHA), and Spectra Matt for daily oil control are all included in this dermatologist-recommended set. It features an entire regimen of our best acne treatment options.

Advantages of an anti-acne kit:

1) Treats comedonal acne and pustular acne

2) Reversing ageing (removes wrinkles and fine lines)

3) Eliminating dead skin cells

Treatment for hyperpigmentation

5) Treats melasma, or the marks of pregnancy

6) Lessens Acne Scars

7) Enhances skin’s texture

Wash your face:

The first step to having clear skin is to make sure your skin is well washed. For this reason, use mandelac Face Wash, which was created especially for oily and acne-prone skin. This face cleanser is perfect for acne-prone skin because it removes extra oil without removing the skin’s natural oils. If you have acne-prone skin, you must use cleansers with active anti-acne ingredients. The MandelAc facial cleanser, which has 3% Mandelic Acid and Vitamin E, is the best face wash for oily skin. This face wash reduces the amount of pimples, hyperpigmentation, and undesirable bacteria on your skin. The Mandelac Face Wash improves the appearance of the skin, removes dead skin cells, and heals acne scars. It’s the best cleanser for pimples and the best toner. When planning your skincare routine for oily skin, this cleanser is a must-have.

Always remember: You must cleanse your face twice every day.

Apply Sunblock:

When the skin is oily, the sebaceous glands beneath it are overactive and create more sebum than usual. All skin types require an SPF. Sunscreen protects our own species from the damaging effects of the sun. We need to better protect our skin. Although there are many different sunscreens available, they are frequently heavy and difficult to wear once applied. Use a gentle, gel-based sunblock if your skin is greasy. A sunscreen is Jenpharm’s gel-based Spectra Matt40 Sunscreen. It is fairly light and quickly absorbed. After applying the Spectra Matt Sunblock, your skin is evenly moisturized without having clogged pores. Your skin will be protected by it! Reviews for Spectra Matt Sunblock have received five stars from millions of users.

SPOT-TREATMENT is the absolute last but not least!

Avoid touching your face, and STOP picking at your zits if you have a habit of doing so. Picking at pimples can lead to acne scars and imperfections. Spot treatment is the best method for removing that unwelcome guest. In the third phase of this procedure, mandelac serum is applied to the pimple and the affected area. Simply apply a drop of mandelac serum to a zit to get rid of it. With spot treatment, your zit will go away overnight without leaving a scar!


Although having acne is never ideal, it does not make you less attractive or define who you are. It’s completely normal for teenagers to have acne, especially at this age when their bodies are already going through a lot of hormonal changes. We at Jenpharm are always available to help you with your skincare needs and to offer advice. As a result, focus only on what you can manage and control. Enjoy using your skin-care products!

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