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Things To Do In Sandhan Valley Trek

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Sandhan Valley, also known as the ‘Valley of Shadows’ (the sun’s rays that are said to not reach it), is a stunning canyon in the Sahyadri’s. It is believed to offer the most challenging and enjoyable treks in Maharashtra.

Located near the Bhandardara near Igatpuri, Sandhan Valley not only offers tons of other adventure activities like Sandhan valley trek, rappelling, rock climbing, enjoying bonfires, and camping under the starry sky, but also many sightseeing options such as the AMK Forts of Alang, Madan, and Kulang, many waterfalls.

Among the most beautiful things to do here is sit around a bonfire at the night camp at the gorge. Since there are no hotels/ lodges nearby, this is the best way to stay a night there. Or you could also experience staying at the homestays around Samrad, which will give you a local experience like no other.

Sandhan valley trek includes mesmerizing experiences and free rock climbing and abseiling which is not open to beginner groups or single trekkers. Assistance must be requested from the driver who will deliver your camping equipment in addition to the technical equipment.

Why Sandhan valley is a must visit the place

The most unique place in Maharashtra and a must for all trek lovers is the Sandhan Valley. It’s located at an altitude of 

100 feet in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. It is a beautiful place to visit for a wonderful escape from a busy life. 

Sandhan valley is a dark narrow carved valley. It is known as a shadow valley because there is no room for sunlight, but it still looks amazing. 

You have to trek to reach  Sandhan Valley and it is not an easy trek. So all adventure enthusiasts and trek lovers, this is an exciting experience for you. The Sandhan Valley trek is said to be one of the toughest treks in Maharashtra. 

This trip has all the best possible experiences. There are rocky places around 100 feet where you have to rappel in Sandhan valley with a full guide and equipment. You can blink at several points, which is a worthwhile experience for you. Besides hiking in beautiful nature, you can also experience rock climbing, camping, cold water rafting, and much more. 

Sandhan valley: A beautiful place to visit

That’s not it, the Sandhan Valley has immense natural beauty. As you wander and move forward, you will see more amazing beauty around you. The trek passes through breathtaking views. Passes through cold water, amazing forest views, natural treasures, and more. 

It is a phenomenal place with amazing views. You can experience camping at night, which is a happy experience for you.  

Walking, sight and adventure are completely different and exciting experiences for you. 

Also known as the Valley of Shadows or the Grand Canyon, it is a gorge in the Sahyadri Mountains in the Western Ghats. This canyon is 2 kilometers long and 200 feet deep, with amazingly large rocks on both sides. This trek, which also includes camping and rappelling experience, starts with a descent from Samrad village and ends with an ascent to Dehaene village. The distance includes wading in refreshing streams, climbing under giant rocks, and camping under a spectacular night sky. 

The best experience of the Sandhan valley trek is the “Reverse Waterfall”. Yes, you read that right – a waterfall that flows from the bottom up. This is due to high-pressure winds that push water entering the valley back up during the monsoon season,  bringing this unique phenomenon to life. 

Only around noon does the canyon light up, which makes the journey in the dark so far even more exciting. 

Camping in Sandhan valley

camping is an experience that you simply cannot miss. Since the terrain in this canyon is mostly rocky, finding a level surface is usually the first step to setting up camp and enjoying a happy night in this valley. Camping with rappelling completes the healing experience this trek aims to provide. 

Samrad Village, Sandhan Valley Base Camp Surrounded by the magnificent Alang-Kulang-Madan Forts, Ratangad Fort, and Kalsubai Peak (the highest peak of Maharashtra) offers truly breathtaking views at every stage of the day. 

There is no particular time of the year that is best for this trip, but from experience, we can say that it is the most exciting during the monsoon season. Located in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra,  Sandhan Valley is very easily accessible from major destinations like Pune and Mumbai.

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