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Things Not To Do In Dubai to Avoid Deep Trouble

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Even though Dubai is a Muslim Emirate, it is one of the most modern cosmopolitan cities in the world. It is known as one of the most liberal Muslim States in the world. From Burj Khalifa to Dhow cruise Dubai, you are surely going to get thrilled with its beauty. There are particular rules and warnings that should be followed by visitors and tourists coming to Dubai. You need to follow some traveling to Dubai warnings so that the local population does not get offended and disturbed.

Most travelers have a question in mind whether is Dubai safe for taking a tour. Though it is safe to travel, one should be alert with leaving their belongings unattended and should be aware of the surroundings. Is Dubai safe for an alone female traveler is the most discussed query on the internet. Most women travelers find it stressful and difficult due to various misconceptions about Dubai. A female can stay alone in a hotel, take a taxi as well as roam alone on the roads of Dubai without any hesitation.

Dubai Travel Warnings and Dubai Dangers

Dubai is an Islamic state that does not permit unmarried couples to stay together in hotel rooms. The hotel can stop giving you services like calling a can if do not respect the local traditions and customs. The Tawajed clause in the Islamic religion means that unmarried couples cannot stay together unless they are family or are married. Please note that Homosexuality is not allowed in Dubai. So unmarried couples should follow and respect these Dubai travel warnings for a happy and hassle-free tour.

Dress Code For Dubai 

Visitors are requested to dress neatly and modestly while visiting the conservative areas around Dubai. Swimwear is fine to be worn only on beaches. Make sure you cover your hands and legs while entering mosques and other religious sites in the city. Women should wear headscarves while entering mosques. Every destination has a defined dress code, please respect and follow it.

Beware of Dubai Dangers Tourist Scams

The common scams in Dubai are pickpockets, Spilled liquid, a woman with a sick child, running out of petrol, fake goods and jewelry, and traveling salesman scams. Being a traveler you can easily be targeted as you are unaware of the tourist-related scams. Be careful while dealing with such crooks and avoid them.

Alcohol in Dubai 

Alcohol is permitted only in licensed bars and restaurants. You can purchase alcohol from liquor stores if you have a valid alcohol license. Consuming alcohol on the streets of Dubai is strictly prohibited and can lead to severe punishment.

Medications in Dubai 

Carrying drugs or medications without a prescription is termed illegal in Dubai. Tourist should consult their doctors for medication that can be carried to Dubai. If caught, be ready to face severe consequences as Dubai has strict rules over Drugs.

Apply for Dubai Visa and follow the traveling to Dubai warnings for a hassle-free tour. Check the weather conditions before you book your tickets.

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