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Recycling Stats That Indicate the Need to Redesign Cigar Packs to Better Child Safety 

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It is hard to believe, but cigarette boxes haven’t been changed since their creation in the 1930s. Packs still have bright colors and pictures that attract children. About 3 billion packs of cigarettes are sold each year in the U.S., and about 19 million of them are sold to children. More than half of smokers start before age 18. We need to do more to protect children from cigarettes. Cigar manufacturers often include pre roll boxes with their cigars. These are inexpensive and easy to use, making them a great option for those who may not have the experience in cigar rolling that more experienced enthusiasts do. 

Cigars are a guilty pleasure for many adults, but they don’t have to be. We can enjoy cigars responsibly and with your kids around. The problem is that cigar packs are hard to open. This makes the cigar packs easy for kids. As a result, kids can get cigarettes if they have them. There are 400,000 deaths every year from cigarettes in the United States alone! We need to change how cigarette packs open so kids cannot get them for themselves or other people who do not want them. Worse is that cigarette companies often put their most expensive cigars at the front of each pack. They know that kids will see them and they are expensive too. 

Cigarette brands have been around for a long time: 

But people are just now understanding the dangers of smoking. Many people have switched to cigars because they think that these products are less harmful than cigarettes. In reality, cigars release more toxins and carcinogens into your body than cigarettes do. Cigarettes are expensive. Many people smoke cigarettes, one after another, without thinking about what they are doing to their bodies or how much money they are wasting each time. There is a solution for this problem: redesigning cigarette packages so that only children can open them. This way, parents who don’t know about tobacco will keep their children safe if they want. And adults can quit smoking. 

Cigarettes are responsible for littering the world. They make up the most littered item in the world, and not because people enjoy throwing them on the ground. A lot of people want to stop smoking cigarettes. But, they can’t because they have a hard time recycling them when they are done. This post will talk about some ways that manufacturers have helped with this problem and also give statistics about recycling so you can see why redesigning cigar packs would be good for children who like these things. 

Cigar smokers are more likely to smoke cigars than cigarettes: 

A study found that people who smoke cigars are more likely to also smoke cigars than cigarettes. This is because cigars are cheaper and they have a good reputation. In addition, many people smoke cigars because they taste better and are easier to draw. Cigar smokers who smoke cigarettes often use them to cut down on the amount of nicotine they are taking in. 

Cigars also affect people’s lives differently than cigarettes do: 

A study was conducted that showed that cigar smoking has a more profound effect on an individual’s life because this tobacco product lasts longer and is usually smoked with friends. Cigarettes, on the other hand, are seen as something that relieves stress and gets rid of tension. As a result, many people will go to bars or restaurants to smoke cigars but not visit those places just to smoke cigarettes: A study polled individuals about which one they would rather spend their time doing; smoking a cigarette at home or going out for drinks with friends while smoking cigars. 

The average person smokes about 10 cigars per month: 

The average person smokes about 10 cigars per month. That’s why it’s so important to brush your teeth regularly! Cigar smoking is a practice that’s been around for hundreds of years. In fact, cigar smoking has been around for over five hundred years! [It was prominent in the mid-1500s.] In the U.S., you can find cigars in more than fifty percent of households. 

In the United States, you can find cigars in more than fifty percent of American homes! So what exactly are cigars? They’re tightly wrapped rolls of tobacco leaves and vary from very tiny ones to about seven inches long. Certain people use them as a status symbol when they light up a fine celebratory stogie after a job well done. Smokers like different kinds of cigars. Cohiba, Montecristo, and Romeo y Julieta are some of the most popular brands. 

Children who see cigar packs might think they are cigarettes and take them: 

Cigars are similar to cigarettes. It can be tough for a child to tell the difference. If you go to a liquor store or convenience market, cigar boxes look like cigarette boxes, except they only have less tobacco. This is causing serious problems in America. Kids are taking cigars from the store. But they don’t know that cigars can be dangerous if put in their mouths or carried around because of their candy-flavored smell. So, make sure you keep a close eye on your kids to make sure they stay safe! There are many different types of cigar packs. Most pictures show adults smoking cigars in social settings with alcohol. Cigars are not made for kids. There are no cartoons on the box, so it is hard for children to know what they are. This makes kids feel left out when they see an adult product in stores. 


Cigar companies must take the recent data and use tuck-end boxes. To date, cigar companies have been using a box that is easy to open for adults but not children. With all of this new information about how often kids are exposed to tobacco products, they need to design their packs so that it will be harder for children to get into them. They can do this by making sure their packaging is child-resistant or including age verification on each pack like cigarettes do today. This isn’t just an issue for cigars, though; any company that produces nicotine delivery systems needs to rethink their product’s safety features, given these findings from the CDC study! 

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