Dettol Sanitizer 5 Litre

The Most Convenient Way to Stay Germ-Free: Dettol Sanitizer 5 Litre

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Germs, infections, pathogens and diseases have become some of our worst fears. It has been nearly three years since the outbreak of the pandemic, and health and fitness have become our foremost priority. One of the main aspects of the new healthy lifestyle is maintaining hand hygiene. Most medical associations and professionals recommend washing hands regularly with soap and water and using a high-quality alcohol-based sanitiser.

Most hospitals, offices, restaurants, homes, and medical centres trust the Dettol Clinical Strength Antiseptic Hand Rub to maintain high hand hygiene standards and keep staff, customers, and visitors safe.

Dettol Clinical Strength Antiseptic Hand Rub

The Dettol Clinical Strength Antiseptic Hand Rub is perfect for regular use and use in high-risk scenarios such as hospitals and clinics. Medical experts recommend using a sanitiser with at least 60% alcohol. The Dettol Clinical Strength Antiseptic Hand Rub contains 70% alcohol and is proven to kill 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, and fungi with every use. In addition, it is effective against several gastroenterological and respiratory disease-causing pathogens. It is the best sanitiser in the Indian market, to such an extent that even the Indian Medical Association recommends it for use.

Effective And Convenient

Using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer is the best way to keep hands and feet germ-free and prevent the spread of diseases, particularly true when soap and water are not readily available. In addition, when we go out, we touch surfaces like handrails, ATM keypads, doorbells, handles, or public walls that can carry germs. Using a sanitiser can be just the protection we need. Despite this, people are often reluctant to use alcohol-based sanitisers because they fear regular use can leave their hands dry, calloused, flaky, or raw. The Dettol Clinical Strength Antiseptic Hand Rub is made from 85% natural ingredients and enriched with moisturisers that leave the hands soft and supple, even after prolonged use.

Dettol Hand Sanitiser

The regular Dettol Hand Sanitizer is available in various sizes for personal use. The Dettol Clinical Strength Antiseptic Hand Rub is available in packs of 500 ml. You can conveniently install it in high-touch areas such as near the reception area of your office, outside elevators, or the cafeteria. In addition, encouraging your staff, visitors, guests, and students to use the Dettol Clinical Strength Antiseptic Hand Rub with infographics can be a convenient way to promote health and hygiene.

Buying through Dettol Pro Services

The Dettol Pro Services website helps office administrators plan their inventory of cleaning, sanitation, and hygiene products and buy them in bulk. Ordering through the website can help save up to 40% on products like Dettol Sanitizer 5-litre, a 5-litre pack of Dettol Antiseptic Liquid, and Dettol Handwash. The site also offers training resources for the housekeeping crew and valuable industry insights. Stock up and make your office, school, and hospital hygiene convenient and safe.

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