The Importance Of Automation In Email Marketing

The Importance Of Automation In Email Marketing

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Email marketing automation is a variety of pre-designed emails sent directly to the customer after a specific action has been completed.

Due to the rise of millennials, it has become more important to personalize and use targeting in your responsive marketing activities. Recent studies have shown that audiences expect a more personalized customer experience and are put off by blanket messaging.

Automated email workflows allow you to be more specific with your offers and target your key demographic. This marketing strategy is more streamlined than ever, making your outbound communications with your audience a little bit easier. But this can still be overwhelming for some individuals and companies, so it is always a good idea to get some professional help. There are tons of marketing agencies in London and the surrounding areas who will be able to propel your strategy forward with some top-notch automations.

When talking about email workflows, your customer will trigger a specific action which leads to a sequence of steps that follow the trigger. For example, a customer may browse your online store and add a product to their cart but then abandon the website. You could have a personalized email to send to this customer that includes a discount code to encourage them to purchase the product, generating a sale for you.

Each email automation workflow will have a goal, trigger and sequence of events that help engage, strengthen and nurture your relationships and encourage your customers to support your end goal.

Nurture your customer base

All successful businesses act as a relationship between the customer and the vendor. These relationships are based on several factors. Relevance and specificity are two of the significant aspect of encouraging a strong relationship.

Email automation is designed to nurture your relationships and, therefore, your leads.

All consumers have an internal burying strategy, conscious or subconscious, which means they don’t want to be contacted immediately after abandoning a cart – they want and need to be gently nudged into the process.

Automated emails provide you with the tools to do just that. By sending the customer engaging, relevant and specific information, the customer can learn more about your business, becoming more receptive and trusting of your company. They may reach out to your sales team or make a purchase.

Increase brand awareness

Automated emails are a fantastic way to increase your brand awareness as they allow you to send specific and relevant messages to your customer. These messages build a relationship between the customer and the brand – without breaking a sweat. This is essential for sending more blanket messaging as the customer is already familiar with your business and engaged.

Your automated messaging has already built a rapport with customers without having to lift a finger.

Efficiency in your email efforts

A key benefit of email automation is efficiency. You want to reach as many people as possible and also engage with them regularly in a way that doesn’t include spending all your time emailing each subscriber individually.

Automated emails meet this requirement by continually actioning your automated email workflow quickly and easily. If you need to create an email around a discount but only want to send this to your new customer, you can save time by creating one email that meets all your needs.

Due to the efficiency of automation, you now have more time to dedicate to other aspects of your email or marketing strategies whilst maintaining a healthy relationship between your business and your consumer.

Positive customer experience

Everyone loves a positive experience, and you want to encourage this with your customers to help build healthy relationships. With more time on your hands, thanks to automation, you can focus on delivering automated email workflows that provide your customers with a positive experience with your brand.

Generally, automated emails come in the form of offer deadline warnings and cart abandonment. Still, you can also create emails that promote a better customer experience with emails like onboarding series, exclusive offers and birthday offers.

Consider what matches your products or services and create content to respond accordingly. You’ll be able to nurture your relationships, attract new customers, drive more traffic and encourage a higher conversion rate.

Retain customers who are losing interest

We have briefly touched on this, but email automation can also assist customers who are losing interest in converting. You can send automated emails to customers who abandoned their cart or haven’t completed the desired action.

You can create one-size-fits-all messaging with email automation for these types of customers to re-engage them with your brand. It’s handy to send these types of messaging to users who are likely to unsubscribe or those who have lost interest in the products or services you offer. If you need to reach out to these customers, you have automated emails ready to do.

Wrapping up

All in all, email automation is a handy tool for businesses to utilise. It makes the outbound messaging process much easier and allows you to create more engaging content for your consumers. The main takeaways to bear in mind are:

  1. It has the capability to nurture your leads to become paying customers.
  2. It allows you to increase the awareness of your brand.
  3. It promotes efficiency in your email efforts.
  4. It encourages a positive customer experience with your brand.
  5. You can re-engage customers who you may have lost previously.

Once you understand automated email tools, you can tailor their use to make them work in your favour and to your needs. If you are seeking help to get started with automated email marketing, take a look at an Email Marketing Agency for all the best insights and assistance.

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