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The Hidden Ergonomics Benefits of Office Pods You All Must Know

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Offices used to be made up of boxy cubicles, creating an intolerable and oppressive work environment. Noisy offices and poor acoustic conditions at the workplace can lower employees’ productivity. As a result, around 60% of office workers can’t concentrate and deliver poor-quality work due to a loud workplace (Source: Workplace Insight). 

These days, companies have started installing office pods for all good reasons. For instance, pods can be refined to optimize employee productivity and efficiency. They are designed to provide a quieter and more private workspace that most modern offices lack.

No worries if you want to prepare your presentation or avoid your noisy colleagues completing your report, as work pods have your back. You can attend all private meetings and work with complete dedication.

Do you want to know other hidden and surprising benefits of office pods for employees? If yes, then you are at the right place.

We are discussing some key benefits of creating a quiet workspace for the employees by adding office pods to office furniture.

What are Office Pods?

An office pod is a small, self-contained moveable structure. It can be placed within a larger workplace to create a noise-free and quiet environment for the employees. This semi-private workspace is ideally designed for the employees to provide them with individual workspace for meetings, presentations, conference calls, etc.

Benefits of Office Pods

Nowadays, office pods have become a major part of modern open office space planning, as open office space can bustle the work environment by raising employees’ stress and anxiety. The soft soundproofing keeps employees from distractions and creates a space where the focus can happen.

Think about incorporating office pods if you are looking for creative and innovative solutions to keep your employees engaged and motivated in your workspace.

  • Noise Blocking

The word noise is mostly associated with the audible aspects of the environment (including keyboard clacking, coffee machine running, or printer noise). But people overlook visual noise that irritates employees the most. For instance, lights can hound your senses, and focusing more on other employees’ screens than yours can distract your mind.

Employees spend 8 to 9 hours daily in the office, and disturbing noises can cause sensory fatigue. Fatigue reduces their productivity, and it further makes employees stressed.

According to research findings by Hørselshemmedes Nationalsforbund (HLF), workers are almost 65% less productive than workers who work in a noise-free and quieter place. Subdividing individual offices for each employee is not the solution and is practically impossible.

Office pods are the solution as they can be made according to employees’ needs and requirements. So, instead of creating an enclosed workspace for the employees, installing office pods is the best solution to give overstimulated senses the rest they need to be active and more focused at work.

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  • Better Client Engagement

Customers require proper attention from the employees to know more about their business. Employees require minimum distraction to communicate well with the clients. Every department performs well in a healthy environment with less disruption, from the sales department to the customer support team.

You can never impress clients with your business if they can’t hear about your services, products, or packages you offer due to background noise. Such boots or pods must be installed in the sales department or call centre to ensure efficient communication with potential clients.

Such focused discussion greatly contributes to improving customer retention and sales close rate. Every business depends on sales and maximum revenue generation to stand out. Besides, only a successful business can ensure the best customer experience.

  • Economical Option

Surely, subdividing the office into small spaces or having separate walls for each employee can help them focus better. But it’s not an economical option and hinders collaboration. Open floor plans are famous for interdepartmental meetings, encouraging unanticipated meetups and strong collaboration without any hindrance.

Nevertheless, consider integrating office pods if you genuinely intend to get the most out of your open and closed office plans. Pods are an ideal and cost-effective solution for creating enclosed workspaces for employees whenever needed.

Another great thing about pods is that they are scalable; you can add them to your office whenever needed.

What else?

You can move them when the seating plan changes, or you want to shift them to another spot. So, instead of spending enough money on changing your office structure, it is better to think smart this time.

  • Support Conference Call

Pods reduce fatigue and improve workplace productivity and provide great support to clients and remote employees. In an open office space, it becomes challenging to attend virtual meetings due to noisy backgrounds and disturbance. That’s why; two or three people generally occupy the main reason conference rooms.

Imagine having an important meeting with a US-based client, but your coworkers beside you won’t stop eating or talking. Isn’t it frustrating that you can’t pay attention to a client’s needs due to an unfavourable environment?

With office pods, you can take all your important calls in isolation without disturbance. Pods help take or attend important meetings, and employees can sit alone and enjoy eating their burgers loudly or slurping smoothies. Everything can be done in an office pod, from conference calls to meetings to presentations.

The Ultimate Guide to Choose Office Pods According to Your Business Needs

Finding an office or meeting pod according to your workspace requires proper research. While choosing a suitable pod, consider the following question and discuss it with vendors.

  • How many people can accommodate in a pod at one time?
  • How much visibility does the pod offer, and how transparent should the pod be?
  • Can passers see anything inside the pod? Generally, some pod solutions offer privacy material, including cloaking materials allowing passersby to see inside but not what appears on the screen.
  • Do you want your pod to be flexible or customizable according to employees?
  • Is video conferencing the only use case for the pod?
  • Can we move the pod in future?

Discuss the concerns mentioned above and make your ultimate decision afterwards.

Upgrade Your Workspace and Create a Productive Environment for Employees

Employees’ workplace productivity is the key concern, and it’s impossible without providing a comfortable environment. So, consider changing the traditional workplace and installing cost-effective office pods to boost employee engagement at the workplace.

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