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The Best Video Editing Software for 2022

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The smartphone is the most integral device in people’s lives. Smartphone users are spending more time on their phones than ever before. Nearly everything can be done via an app. Smartphones have led to the development of many mobile apps. These include learning apps, financial apps, and video editing apps.

These phones’ main selling points are their cameras and features. Each day new phones are introduced to the market that has better cameras than their predecessors. Mobile phones have many options for videographers and photographers, as they can compete with professional DSLRs. The mobile app market has a niche for photo and video editing apps. There are many editing tools that can be used to capture and edit high-quality videos.


Apple’s iMovie video editor is simple to use. iMovie allows you to create Hollywood-style trailers using 14 templates. You can also choose from 8 themes with credits rolls and logos. The video editing software supports 4K video resolution. Also, read about my editech house to gain likes and followers on Instagram. The final product can be played directly from an Apple device or projected onto a screen. You can easily transfer videos from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch via Airdrop and iCloud Drive. Videos can be also shared on any social media or video-sharing platform.

Quik App

It allows users to quickly create videos, as the name implies. You can quickly capture, edit, and then post videos with Quik’s fast editing process. Quik was originally designed for Instagrammers, but it is also suitable for everyone with photos and videos on their devices. There are 28 different video styles. The best thing about the software is its automatic editing. However, it allows you to make some adjustments such as style, pace, font, titles, filters, trims, and so on. It does not offer much editing control.


GoPro’s video editing app for android and iPhone allows you to import and organize clips and each one can be edited individually. It’s a multi-purpose video editing application that is very similar to iMovie. This app is ideal for editing iPhone movies quickly. You can add text, transitions, and filters to your video clips. You can also trim and arrange them, use “documentary-style effects”, and adjust speed. Spice provides multiple audio tracks, effects, and songs at no cost. You can also sync with your iTunes library.


StoriesStudio lets you take a long video, cut it into smaller clips, and then upload them to Instagram stories and Facebook. Upload your video to StoriesStudio, then select how long you would like the video cut, and hit save. Also, check hdhub4u fit for free movies.

StoriesStudio can be used to split a 60-second video into six separate videos, each of which is 10 seconds in length. StoriesStudio allows you to upload long videos quickly and easily to your social media Stories.


Clips is a type of iMovie that allows you to create new videos with built-in transitions, stickers, and filters. This app allows you to create and share fun videos, with text, effects, and graphics. You can create animated captions or titles, which will appear as you speak. To make your video even more exciting, animated photo-realistic Emojis and stop motion backgrounds can be added. The project can be enhanced with filters and effects. You can add a GarageBand song or choose from dozens of Clips music tracks that will intelligently adjust to fit the length of your video.


Videoshop is an extremely user-friendly app. You can personalize your videos, and share them with your friends. This app allows you to trim, merge, slow down, and merge your videos. You can add sound effects such as explosions, animal sounds, and other sounds to your videos. You can add text to your videos, as well as a soundtrack. There are also many Instagram-inspired filters. To enhance your video and make it even more captivating, animated titles and transitions are also available. The video editor app for Android or iOS can be used to quickly edit, add filters, sound effects, and much more. You can also record your creations in-app, which you can then share on social networks, YouTube, and email.

The best thing about this app is the ability to combine multiple clips into one. This app doesn’t require any prior editing experience. The steps are only a few taps long and the app will guide you through them. The app is fast and easy to use.


Magisto uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to convert videos and photos into short films. It makes it easy to create photomontages quickly. It includes templates, a media library, and drag-and-drop. Privacy options, text to videos and social sharing are also available. Filters can give your video a more layered look.

This intuitive app uses AI to automatically edit and create videos. It will save you a lot of time. This app is great for posting quick Instagram photos. It is amazing how easy it is to create high-quality videos. Its best feature is its impressive auto-editing capability. It’s easy to use and a hassle-free way to edit videos. This app saves you a lot of time but also gives you some creative control over the video.

The trial period is for testing purposes only. The monthly subscription fee is expensive so it’s worth paying if you use it daily. It can be frustrating to make small edits. You need to know the story before you upload it.

The video collage feature is one of its best features. It is ideal for social media influencers who have the ability to share via video collage.

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