The Best Natural Ways to Detox your Body

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Whether you want to get back on the wagon after a week of unhealthy eating or are in need of a more long-term body refresh, there are more than a few ways to give your body a full detox and eliminate toxins. 

Cut out sugar

We’re all a sucker for a sweet treat –biscuits, sweets, chocolate, fizzy drinks – but the sugar in these snacks is dangerously addictive. The Independent even reported that sugar has a similar effect on the brain as cocaine, making it a very difficult habit to kick.

But if you’re able to push past the sugar cravings you’ll notice big changes to your body. To begin, you’ll begin to lose weight and dramatically reduce your chances of developing diabetes. My Fitness Pal has also reported that cutting out sugar can reduce blood pressure, help clear up your skin and reduce the risk of certain types of cancer.

Drink more water

We often underestimate how important it is to drink water, especially when it comes to ridding your body of toxins. While drinking lots of water does keep your skin hydrated and clear, it’s the internal effects that are more significant. Your body is around 60% water, so making sure you drink the recommended amount of two to three litres a day will ensure your bodily functions – particularly your digestive and urinary systems – are working at their best.

But remember, it’s very important that you continue these behaviours after the initial detox stage and make it part of your daily routine to maintain a healthy body and mind.

Green tea

To provide your body’s natural detox system with a little boost, add a cup of green tea to your morning routine. It’s packed with natural polyphenols which directly affect the liver and act as antioxidants that destroy free radicals before they can damage vital molecules.

Green tea has become somewhat of a superfood trend lately, meaning there are plenty of varieties on offer. Stock up on a few flavours, so you don’t get bored – sweet flavours such as salted caramel make a great alternative if you’re craving something sweet.

Exfoliate with Epsom salts

To boost circulation and give your skin a refresh, make sure you exfoliate on a weekly basis. Begin with a hot bath of Epsom salts, which according to Women’s Health relaxes the mind, reduces bloat and exfoliates the skin. After this, brush your skin with a natural bristle brush before showering to rinse away dead skin cells. It’s really important to apply an oil or moisturiser after you shower so your skin can lock in moisture and stay hydrated.

Intensive treatment programme

If you’re seeking a more intensive mind and body detox, particularly one that tackles more troubling issues, consider signing up for a treatment programme. The 12-week abstinence programme offered by Ana treatment centres delivers therapy and support through a number of activities and sessions to ensure guests leave feeling revitalised, refreshed and ready to continue their recovery in the real world.

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