Steps that you need to follow while using the head shaver (1)

Steps That You Need to Follow While Using the Head Shaver

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To have a perfect shave of your dome without any spot or irritation go through this article.

For any number of reasons, are you thinking about how to shave your dome? – Are you been inspired by Michael Jordan’s head shave look in Last Dance – where he was seen on Mount Rushmore with his bald-dudes? – Perceively, you might be looking for a less-nurturing hairstyle due to the ongoing pandemic situation. Elsewise it can be a strategic retreat in the battle against balding that is well supportable. In case you’re inferring that by staying here, shaving your dome for the first time with a head shaver might be a jaunting task. Then it can be difficult enough to shave your own face without burn, redness, nicks, or cuts. Since you have a commanding perspective on your face. So, shaving your head means perceiving the sense or rebuilding your mirror state to resemble a carnival funhouse. To get the full cordial from the process, you need only patience and practice – after all, getting a smooth dome on the first attempt with a head shaver will make you feel – like the personality of Rock – if you take it moderately and ensue with the correct count.

So, to figure out those areas, we’ve associated with many oracles among which Raquel Fajardo – the specialist barber cum manager of Fellow-Barber shop is also there. A professional lady who shaves her clients’ heads and acts as a go-to teacher when her colleagues require some of her assistance. She has recommended a few steps to follow with the head shaver for men.

1. Buzz it down.

Remove the guard from the men’s head shaver to make it ready for a shave. Fajardo recommends utilizing the minimal device setting, though you can sheer something off before getting a smooth shave. She also told us that in case you cannot get it correct enough, the possibility of uneasiness is also there at the time of shaving your head with the head shaver.

A bit of advice from her: – while contouring around your dome utilizes your non-dominant hand as a scout at the back of your head, to ensure that you don’t miss any hairlines. Even, don’t forget to cut the hair that drops from your hairline down your neck.

2. Wash with warm water.

As you administer a shave with a warm-water to cleanse your face, likewise you have to do the same for your head while utilizing the soap and shampoo. This will loosen your skin, cushion your hair, and open the pores by letting you with the smoothest, most frictionless shave possible. This will also exhaustively move away any hair clippings that can blog the blade of the head shaver or can make a shaver drag onto your skin.

3. Oil it up.

According to Fajardo, the oil underneath your shaving cream will help to cushion and hydrate the skin and hair of your dome. This depicts the crucial role of the oil in creating an extra line of defense against the shaver blade. Everyone requires these added barricades notably when you run through the chances of ingrown hairs, razor burn, or more sensitive skin, as she says. More nominal drag means minimum nicks, bumps, and squeamishness – and a glossy head. Fajardo herself prefers utilizing a full suite of various kinds of oils (jojoba, castor, and coconut), though many brands make excellent ready-made blends.

4. Select your shaver.

Make up your mind whether you’ll use a cartridge razor or an electric shaver. Many people prefer to use a cartridge razor like a Mach III as you know, but for the first time, you’ve to probably find a bit less stressful device in locating the actual pressure and navigating the angles of your head. For this reason, Fajardo recommends utilizing the electric head shaver for men. As per her, it will save you cash on blades as it’s reasonable on the dollars. With it, you can experience the smoothest shave by sitting at your home. The single ultra-sharp-blade of this device can also reduce skin irritation. The indeed-irony of these devices is that it’s a straight-up blade that can be easily contoured down on your head and you’ll only likely want some practice sessions before you take the plunge.

5. Apply shave cream.

Products like gel or old-school cream equally work well. So by spreading a light-consistent layer over your full cranium be confident to obtain a clean shave. While a handheld mirror can be helpful to ensure that you’ve got complete coverage.

6. Take it from the top.

By visualizing your head as an apple, began cropping from where the stem can be. From around your dome, you’ll start shaving downward and with the grain of hair growth. Don’t try to deliver so much pressure, do it in short steady strokes. Go leisurely. After every stroke rinse-the blade to keep it clear of hair, etc. This will help to tug the skin taut with your free hand especially in the rear of the head as it gathers near the neck. You can do a spot check even though you’re without a mirror, and can experience the stubble where you’ve already shaved.

Rinse with warm water and use a mirror, after your first pass to re-apply shave cream and clean up the remaining patches. Do a second pass again by re-applying oil and shaving cream to the grain for the absolute closest shave. This can make you overbuy by creating irritation of the skin even more for the next day or two.

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