Smith School of Business Master of Management Innovation & Entrepreneurship Program Analysis

Smith School of Business Master of Management Innovation & Entrepreneurship Program Analysis

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Smith School of Business offers a Master of Management Innovation and Entrepreneurship program. The program is designed for entrepreneurs, innovators, adventurers, and social innovators. The highlights of the Smith School of Business Master of Management Innovation & Entrepreneurship are-

  • Dynamic Remote Learning Environment
  • Powerful Virtual Networking
  • Intensive Boot Camp-style Sessions
  • Experienced and Dedicated Faculty
  • Short and Intensive Duration
  • Blended Approach
  • Dedicated Career Management Team

Class Profile

The size of the class is 125. 52/ of the students are women and 48/ of the students are male. The average age was 30 years and the average work experience was 6 years.

The undergraduate fields of the students are Arts, Business, Engineering, and Science.

The Curriculum of the Program

The curriculum of Smith Business School Master of Management Innovation & Entrepreneurship is divided into phases. Each phase focuses on a specific skill. Phase 1 focuses on Innovation & Startup Fundamentals, The second phase focuses on Project Management and Execution, and the Third phase focuses on Financing & Scaling your Project. The college also provides MSc marketing in Canada.

1. The courses offered in Phase 1 are Creating Ventures, Systems and Design Thinking, Innovation in Practice, and Major: Market and Industry Research & Analysis.

2. The courses offered in Phase 2 are Managing Technology & Innovation, Financing the New Ventures, and Marketing & Selling the New Venture.

3. The courses offered in Phase 3 are Corporate Hackathon, Conclusion of Financing the New Ventures, Negotiations and Scaling and Exits.

Faculty Members

The faculty members are-

  • Shaun Cahill- Adjunct Lecturer
  • Barry Cross- Distinguished Faculty Fellow of Operations Strategy
  • Nusa Fain- Adjunct Assistant Professor and Director
  • Peter Gallant- Adjunct Assistant Professor
  • Jim Hamilton- Professor
  • Elspeth Murray- Associate Professor & Associate Dean of MBA and Master’s Program
  • Nicole Robitaille- Assistant Professor in Marketing

Application Requirements

The application requirements are-

  • An undergraduate degree from an accredited university
  • Two years of work experience
  • IELTS/TOEFL scores
  • Proof of interest or involvement in Innovation and Entrepreneurship activities
  • Statement of Purpose
  • One Reference
  • Resume
  • Interview
  • Video Essay

Admission Process

Step 1– Complete the online application form and attach your Linkedin Profile or a resume. After receiving the application, the admission advisory will send you a link for a video essay. Selected students will be invited to complete Step 2.

Step 2– Upload Statement of Purpose for scholarship, One Reference, Official Transcripts, and IELTS/TOEFL scores.

Step 3– Interview

Admission Committee Requirement

The admission committee is seeking students who have-

  • Impressive Communication Skills- Verbal and written communication skills are integral for entrepreneurs and innovators. Communication skills help them to articulate their ideas, insights, and goals engagingly and efficiently.
  • Execution Skills- Entrepreneurs must be able to function with a limited number of resources. They must also know how to drive the company’s momentum through choppy waters. 
  • Adaptability- Entrepreneurs must know how to seek opportunities, revolutionize ideas, and push results.

Cost of the Program and Financial Aid

The cost of the Smith School of Business Master of Management Innovation & Entrepreneurship for domestic students is CAD 35,490 and for international students is CAD 51,705. The cost covers tuition fees, accommodation charges, residential sessions, books, learning material, coaching, and student assistance levy.

Financial Aid

The scholarship options are-

  • Academic scholarships
  • Scholarships for Black Students
  • Scholarships for Indigenous Students

Financing Options

The financing options are-

  • RBC Student Line of Credit( Domestic Students)
  • Student Loan( International Students)
  • Personal Income Tax Treatment of Tuition Fees( Domestic Student)
  • RRSP Withdrawals( Domestic Students)


Smith School of Business Master of Management Innovation & Entrepreneurship is designed for individuals passionate about creating new services and products. The program equips students with special skills, strengths, and strategies to build, manage and grow a venture.

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