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Six Tips to Make Moving After Divorce Less Stressful

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You’re probably stressed, regardless of whether you are happy or sad about your divorce.

Although packing up and moving in a hurry might seem like a good idea, it could lead to more headaches later.

A good plan is essential for moving out of a divorce settlement. This will help to minimize the stress and make the transition as smooth as possible.

This article will cover our top 6 tips to make moving after divorce easier.

Talk with an Attorney

You should have hired a lawyer if you are going through a divorce.

Although it is a natural urge to leave as soon as divorce papers have been filed, a good divorce attorney will warn you that moving out too early can negatively impact your financial assets as well as your custody rights (if applicable) in certain areas.

The home is typically the most valuable asset that a married couple owns. Although it may seem safe to assume that your name is on the mortgage and deed, this does not necessarily mean that the asset will be divided equally and that there is no financial risk of you leaving the home before finalizing the divorce proceedings, this is not always true.

The person who moves out of the house is the one making more, they may still be responsible for paying the bills associated with the home.

If you don’t prepare, this alone can lead to financial stress.

If you are concerned about custody, it is possible to lose your rights if you leave the house before a custody agreement has been made.

It is easier for the parent who has children to leave the home they live in to have more than 50/50 custody. Trying to spend more time with your children may result in more expensive legal fees.

Take inventory

Before you move out, take stock of all your marital and personal belongings.

Discuss any items with your spouse.

If you are not in agreement, refer to the court’s decision regarding ownership if it has already occurred.

If you don’t know what to do, take a note and give it to your legal counsel so that they can negotiate in court.

Displace Your Belongings

Once you have made clear decisions about what belongs to you, and what you can take with you, you can begin to separate your belongings.

Take a tour of your home, and pack your belongings so you don’t forget them.

It is important to get everything you need, even if it is not all, in one trip.

Moving on is easier if you remove all your items at once.

Get free boxes from Facebook Marketplace

Moving for divorce or any other reason can be very costly.

Many people believe that you need to visit a home improvement store to purchase packing boxes. This can be costly.

To see if anyone is offering their moving boxes, check Facebook Marketplace.

Many people prefer to let someone else use their boxes, rather than breaking down each box and recycling them.

Need Friends or Family to Help

Your friends and family can help you move after a divorce. This will not only assist with the physical requirements of the move but also helps to keep the mood light.

Do not refuse to help your family and friends out of fear that they might feel uncomfortable or awkward.

They are often eager to support and help you. Allowing them to do this can be an emotional support and even a form of support during your transition.

Hire Help

Hiring help is a good option if you don’t know anyone who can help or are exhausted and don’t want to do the move yourself.

Moving out alone is easier than if your spouse is moving in. Hiring movers can help you move much faster and more efficiently.

Renting a dumpster from Dumpster Rental Miami can be a great option if you and your spouse are moving out of the house and selling it.

You can rent temporary dumpsters for a very reasonable price, especially if your ex splits the cost.

Ask your neighbors if you would like to share the cost so they can also get rid of unwanted items.

A junk removal company can help you get rid of unwanted items that are too large to rent a dumpster.

Moving junk to a dump or donation center is an additional task in a stressful and busy environment. Junk removal companies will quickly clear out your house of all unwanted items, so you can concentrate on the things you want to keep.

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