Should you choose poly bubble mailers for your shipping needs?

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Shipping with boxes can be a tedious process that can make the entire shipment quite cumbersome and problematic. With top-quality products like poly bubble mailers, etc. it is easy to ship the best materials using big and bulky boxes.

Benefits of investing in the poly bubble mailers

E-commerce shipping necessitates that you cut down the costs of each shipment while ensuring the safety of the core product. Thus products like poly bubble mailers help to reduce and manage the high packaging costs by substituting bulky materials for lightweight versions. These materials are quite affordable in comparison to standard packaging, taking less space and cost.

When compared to corrugated mailers, these are easier to ship and pack.

Other benefits of choosing poly bubble mailers are as follows –

● These are affordable 

One of the most notable benefits of choosing these mailers over standard versions is that they are affordable. 

Choosing mailer boxes can also be a pricey choice. A single piece can go up beyond twice the price for bubble mailers. Even if you buy standard products in bulk, the same can still cost around 1.25 times the cost of poly versions.

● These mailers save space 

Mailboxes can be pricey and grab additional space. Mailers can fit into a fraction of the price.

Therefore if you are in a rush of packaging items, poly mailers can save space and costs. However, assembling cardboard boxes can take up time and space. Further, these may clutter your space and cause obstacles in traffic flow. 

Quality mailers save your workspace from turning into an obstacle course. This is because these stack up nicely and you can pack more materials easily.

● Such mailers save your shipping preparation time 

Although poly mailers appear flimsy on the exterior yet these are resistant to damages and other issues associated with box packaging.

Such mailers are also economical and are frequently used by top retail chains for packaging and delivery. Further, these save your shipping and preparation times considerably.

● Mailers can be customized 

These mailers are easy to customize. This makes them a core part of the marketing and branding campaigns. Instead of relying on standard shipping mailers and styles, shifting to poly versions can enhance your and your customer’s shipping experience.

The price point for customization is also lower than that needed to customize an entire box.

What can be shipped through poly bubble mailers?

Choosing poly and bubble mailers may seem like a poor investment as many believe that these have limited use. However, this is not true. 

If you wish to ship durable and pliable items that are lightweight then these can be an affordable choice. So if you want to send across tee-shirts, beanies, documents, etc. this can be a good idea as these can be twisted, compacted, and abused without damaging the internal contents. Further, you save money on handling surcharges and surface damages on shipping items of weight less than an lb. These include clothing items made from cotton and silk, etc. 

For shipping jeans, winter coats, sharp objects, etc. such mailers are not an ideal choice.


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