Should You Buy Refurbished Printers or Not?

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Modern society is actively stressing the need for document digitalization and promoting it. It is important to stop paper waste; however, completely relying on digitalization is still out of the question. Numerous sectors and organizations of society are highly reliant on documents and need printing devices to get the work done smoothly.

The debate has also gotten the attention of the public towards refurbished printers. These printing devices are fixed and upgraded by the original manufacturers once the device completes its span and goes out of order. In other words, professional fixing or old devices for repurposing have given rise to refurbished printers. You should be aware of its pros and cons to decide whether they suit your needs.

Dig deeper into the details of this article to explore whether you should buy refurbished printers or not and make a wise choice that pays off in the long run.

Top 3 Pros of Buying Refurbished Printers

Refurbished printers have been getting the attention of the general public in recent times. They might not be as good as the new and latest devices but have their own perks and benefits. Knowing the details can help you assess if it is really suitable for your needs and requirements or not.

Here are the major pros of buying refurbished printers you should be aware of to make a profitable decision.

1. Cost Efficient

The biggest pro of buying refurbished printers is that they are cost-efficient. Refurbished printers are not new, but fixed and upgraded to work as well as the new ones. So, offer quality performance but are not too expensive, which is why people opt for them. However, refurbished printers are not the only cost-efficient option. Some organizations explore fast printer rental Abu Dhabi based services and rent the latest and upgraded devices at cheaper rates.

2. Saves Environment

One of the major pros of buying refurbished printers is that they save the environment. The increased carbon footprint of human activities is drastically impacting the environment and giving rise to climate change issues. The chemicals used in the production of printing devices and disposed of by their use are significantly worsening the situation. In such a situation, fixing and upgrading old printers to use them again plays a little role in saving the environment.

3. Reliable Performance

Another significant pro of buying and using refurbished printers is that they offer reliable performance. The old printing devices are mended and upgraded according to the latest trends and needs, so you can be sure of their perfect and advanced performance. However, it might not be at the same level as some of the new latest printing device models available on the market. You need to specifically consider your needs and requirements to know if it is suitable for you or not.

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Top 3 Cons of Getting Refurbished Printers

Buying refurbished printers can seem like the perfect deal one can get at first glance; however, it is not. There is much more to it than the apparent benefits. So, you must explore the whole picture and weigh your options before deciding.

Here are the major cons of buying refurbished printers you should be aware of to avoid earning any loss.

1. Hidden Costs

The biggest con of buying refurbished printers is that they have hidden costs. The printing device may be available at a cheaper rate as compared to some new devices, but you will have to bear some regular expenses. The top of the listed expense is regular maintenance. Moreover, you might need to buy specific supplies for such devices or parts to fulfill a few needs. In short, it will keep putting a dent in your budget, so you should think hundred times before finalizing your pick.

2. Lacks Warranty

Another significant con of buying refurbished printers is that they lack a warranty. So, if you have invested in some device and it goes out of order after a few days, you have no one to blame or to get any help. The new devices come with a few-year warranty, and you can always get them replaced if you are not satisfied with their service. Even the printing devices available at rent offer warranties, and you will not bear any loss by investing in them.

3. Lack One-Size-Fit-All Solution

The last and most significant con of buying refurbished printers is that they lack one size fits all solution. Such printers may only print or offer an additional feature of scanning. Usually, the devices lack all other features and options offered by multifunction printing devices. So, you will need to arrange for other services separately. Instead, you can contact printer rental Abu Dhabi based services and rent devices that offer one-size-fits-all solutions to maximize your benefits.

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What is your verdict?

Knowing the whole picture, you must have realized if refurbished printers are suitable for you or not. Usually, they do not offer more benefits than losses. So you should contact printer rental services and rent the latest devices to keep your loss bare minimum.

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