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Reproductive Hormones for Females to Get Perfect Body Shape

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Perfect body shape can differ for each one of us depending upon the type of body we want to build one. We all build these ideal body shapes in our minds and ponder on them. However ideal of nothing exists in the real world but a healthy body shape does exist and we can achieve it by following some rules. Healthy body shape is a signal of fertility in women. A good healthy body builds confidence in a person and they are much bold in their decisions as compared to the one whose body shape is not good.

When one has a perfect body it means that everything internally is also going well which implies a good immunity against diseases. The hormones in women play a vital role in the body type of a person and act as a game-changer when we are trying to gain a perfect body. Hormones of your body affect each and every organ and its functions in the body like immunity, metabolism, growth, and behavior. So we will be talking about the tips to get the perfect body shape and also will study the effects of hormones on our body type so that we can attain that good body by balancing the hormones as well.

First of all, let’s learn about some basic steps that you should follow in order to gain that perfect body shape. When you want to lose that weight that makes you look fat and flabby you should first know that a perfect body means a fit body which you can get by a healthy diet not by starving. If you stop eating and starve yourself, you are not gaining a good body instead of creating a house of diseases within yourself.

Some Basic Rules You Should Remember Are

  • Self-commitment and consistency is the key to fit body. Fitness cannot be attained instantly rather is a long term process
  • Do not train like men as you both are different biologically as well as potentially. You have different goals than men as you have to do multitask by managing an office and home, giving birth to babies, breastfeeding them, and other major responsibilities unlike men
  • Along with indoor exercises go for the outdoor session as well as it will help to refresh your mood and inspire to continue for better health
  • Do not always depend upon gym as it can be boring sometimes so for a change go for swimming, cycling, badminton, basketball, volleyball or your any other favorite sport
  • Keep your body hydrated by drinking lots of fluids after and before exercise
  • Never do exercise just before or after having meals. Maintain a gap of at least 2-3 hours in between
  • Never miss breakfast as doing this starves your body and causes muscles to deplete and storing fat enhances for emergencies. Also, breakfast should be rich in protein along with some carbs and fat. It will help your body to refuel, energize it, and helps in the recovery of muscles
  • Do not let your body to starve for essential nutrients like fats and carbohydrates in order to get that zero figure. Keep in mind that woman’s body should be strengthened enough to perform the biological functions like reproduction

After learning about some basic tips to maintain healthy body weight, let us come towards the effects of hormones on the body structure of a woman. Your endocrine glands secrete these chemical messengers, i.e. hormones in your body which act as a catalyst in all your body functions. Having too much or too fewer hormones predispose your body to store fat in your legs, thighs, belly, and arms.

  • The testosterone hormone is mainly a male hormone but it is present in females as well in little amount. Deficiency of testosterone in females can lead to accumulation of fat on the upper arms and back

What to do– Take more omega 3 which is present in fishes like salmon, sardines, and mackerel

  • The estrogen hormone in females determines the storage of fat on thighs and hips. Hence high estrogen leads to increased fat in the mentioned areas.

Need to take care– Take more and more fiber and probiotics as they help in flushing out the excess estrogen through the bowel

  • Thyroid hormones in your body control the burning of calories and use of energy and low activity of thyroid gland can lead to accumulation of calories and fat in the body, hence increased weight

What to do– Limit intake of cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, peanuts and peaches as they inhibit the production of thyroid hormones

After learning about hormones and basic tips to manage a healthy body weight and get a perfect body. Let us move forward to some of the herbs that can work wonder in helping you to get an amazing and healthy body.

1. Shatavari

Shatavari (Asparagus racemosa) is a well-known herb that plays an important role in balancing the female reproductive hormones and maintaining healthy reproductive functions like menstruation, fertility, enhances libido, helps in reducing the symptoms of menopause. Eventually, it can help in preventing the excessive accumulation of fat on the body

2. Ashoka

This herb, Saraca asoca has been used since antiquity to treat various gynecological disorders like hormonal imbalances. It maintains a hormonal balance and improves the reproductive health of a woman, leading to healthy body shape.

3. Lodhra

Symplocos racemosa or lodhra decreases the level of estrogen from the body and hence preventing the unwanted accumulation of fat. It also restores the hormonal balance and aids egg maturation and releases from the ovary.

4. Manjistha

Hormonal balance is maintained by Manjistha (Rubia cordifolia) in females. It prevents the reproductive system diseases and strengthens the body to deal with the inflammatory and infective agents.

5. Punarnava

Boeharvia diffusa or Punarnava herb is best known for its weight loss effects owing to its potent fat burning property and anti-toxin action. It also helps in balancing of the hormones.

5. Supari Pak

Supari Pak is also known as Betelnut that improves the hormonal imbalance in females. It is known for its revitalizing effect on the female reproductive system. Supari Pak also helps in treating leucorrhea, physical weakness, and anemia in women.

6. Dashmoola

Dashmoola is the name given to a combination of an extract of ten herbs roots. Along with helping in balancing the hormones, Dashmoola also helps in treating ovulation disorders. Estrogen and testosterone hormones balance is maintained by the amazing Dashmoola.

All these herbs work in the path to maintain a healthy balance of the hormones in a female body which eventually will lead to a healthy body and perfect body shape. Weight loss can be a long journey but if you remain consistent and disciplined with the above-mentioned tips, you will see yourself attaining healthy body weight and perfect body shape.

At last, I just want to remind you that “perfect” can be different for everyone, the main goal should be to attain a healthy body. A person with a healthy body and mind becomes unstoppable.

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