apple phone repair
apple phone repair

7 Repairs You Can Do If Your Apple Phone Won’t Turn On

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It can be a nightmare if your phone won’t turn on. This is because not only does your personal and social life depend on it but also your professional. If your phone can’t turn on, you can lose important information like contact numbers, memorable pictures, important chats, and messages. That’s when you need Apple phone repair.

This issue can be caused by hardware or software damage. If it is hardware, there is nothing you can do except take it to a service center near you. But if your phone is not starting because of software damage, there are some things you can do. So, before moving to Apple phone repair shops in your vicinity, try some of these fixes:

Check For Physical Damage

Have you dropped your phone recently and now it won’t start? Give your a good once-over to ensure there is no physical damage:

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  • Is your screen cracked or damaged? Even if it is not, the fall might have dislodged something internally to break the screen.
  • Has your battery become swollen? If that is the case, don’t attempt to turn it on. Take it straight to a repair shop.
  • Is there any water damage? You can check this by looking inside the SIM card slot. 

Charge Your Phone For A Few Minutes

If your phone’s battery is dead, your phone will show “empty battery” when you try to turn it on. But, if the battery dies completely, your phone will not respond at all when you press the Power button. 

Quickly recharging your phone for 10-15 minutes will solve the problem. Your phone will turn on in a few minutes and will work just fine. If the problem was a dead battery, it will start as always.

But, if the above fix still fails, try plugging the device with a different cable and charger. A broken or damaged charger could be stopping your perfectly fine device from charging.

Take Out The Battery Or Long-press The Power Button

Just like any other operating system, your phone can hard freeze and refuse to respond. If your phone is frozen completely, your device could be powered and running but your phone won’t start because the OS is frozen and doesn’t respond when the power button is pressed.

If this is the case, you can do a “Hard Reset”, or a “Power Cycle”, to fix these types of freezes. This will make the device reboot.

If Your Device Has A Non-removable Battery

With a removable battery, take it out and put it back after a few seconds and boot it up. 

In case, your phone’s battery is non-removable, you need to long-press the Power button. Long Pressing means holding the Power button for 30 seconds or longer. This will cut the battery to your phone and boot back the device fixing any freezing issues.

Perform A Factory Reset From Recovery Mode

While sometimes, your phone might begin booting but the Android OS has begun crashing or freezing all of a sudden. If this happens, You can reboot your device to recovery mode and do a factory reset. The best way to boot up your phone is by using recovery mode to do a factory reset.

Power down your phone and boot it by holding several buttons at the same time. The buttons you need to press will depend on your phone’s brand and model as this combination of buttons differs with the device. Sometimes it could be a combination of all three buttons on your phone.

Restore Your Phone’s Firmware

If your phone’s software is damaged, the factory will not work. This means you will need to download the OS from an image provided to you by your manufacturer. If you played around with your phone and performed low-level tweaks to your system software, this will likely happen. 

The version of Andriod on your phone is different from the device. You can go on the web and search for the name of the manufacturer and search for your device. You can install the firmware manually. Sometimes, the manufacturer may not make the firmware available so you will have to take it to the service center of the manufacturer.

Take It To A Service Center

There can be issues you may not be confident about. Some more complicated software damage will need an expert eye. A person that is a non-technician may end up doing more harm than good if they try to tinker with the phone’s system software on their own. 

If this is the case, we advise you to search for a shop that provide iPhone repair Apple and get your phone fixed by a professional. Make sure you go to an authorized service center for quality repair at the best price.


Upon understanding the causes of your phone not turning on, we provided you with an excellent 7 workarounds to quickly settle the problem. If the problem still persists, you will need to get a new phone. Finally, we hope you got something from this blog.


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