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Renovation Tips for Creating a Minimalist Style in Home

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In a world where materialism and consumerism are everywhere, people are adopting a minimalist style. They try to remove from their daily lives everything that isn’t strictly necessary.

The minimalist philosophy, which is based on the principle “less is better”, has spread to other areas of life including architecture, interior design, and decorating. Minimalist-style homes will be a popular trend this year.

What is minimalist architecture?

According to the Toronto Home Additions experts, minimalism means a simple design with little or no ornamentation.

Some people defend minimalism by arguing that the condensing of the building’s form and content “to the basic” is what reveals architecture’s true essence.

They do this by giving prominence to shapes and light, as well as space and materials, using techniques like reduction, simplification, or decoration.

The main features of minimalism are:

  • Bet on pure geometric shapes
  • Materials should be simple, smooth, and limited.
  • Straight lines and clean lines are best.
  • Repeating elements (windows and balconies) give a feeling of order and unity.
  • Open spaces are created.

What is a minimalist-style house?

This style adopted some Japanese philosophical precepts and presented itself as an alternative to the colorful Pop Art style.

This is recognizable by the minimalist decor’s use of simple lines, neutral colors, and the preservation of space.

These characteristics are now joined by other features, such as the desire to use “Eco Friendly”, furniture and decor objects.

Also, in all cases the goal is to remove everything unnecessary to create a practical and functional space.

The rooms, regardless of whether they are minimalist houses with two or one floors, will always be bright, spacious, and comfortable with few decorative items but perfectly studied.

Textures, colors, and materials are also important for minimalist-style houses.

Wood is a material that’s warm and closely related to nature. Wool, linen, or cotton, as well as other natural fibers, can be used in minimalist-style houses for cushions, curtains, sofas, and rugs.

The four main characteristics of the minimalist style:

You should consider certain aspects if you want to decorate your home in a minimalist style.

The color

White color is the foundation of minimalist interiors. It creates a sense of lightness, cleanliness, and spaciousness. Other neutral colors such as beige, gray, and black are also suitable for this style.

It can be a minimalist style that allows for brighter colors to be used, but only as a result and never as the main focus.

The light

The creation of wide spaces is one of the foundations of minimalism, and natural lighting plays an important role in achieving that.

Also, to maximize natural light in minimalist homes, large windows are used. These are either left bare or covered by curtains, blinds, or light fabrics.

This will make the room appear more spacious. Also, lighting minimalist homes can be achieved using floor lamps, LED strip lighting, concealed lighting, and recessed spotlights.

The furniture

The essence of minimalist furniture is a design with matte finishes and without frills. Also, this style of furniture is characterized by elegant, comfortable, and sober pieces.

Often combined, wood, stone, and glass are the materials used to make minimalist furniture.

Create Order

Minimalism is an aesthetic that seeks to achieve balance. Also, all decorative items or artworks must be placed in a symmetrical and orderly manner.

Focus points (a furniture piece, a wall or window, etc.), are used to achieve balance. Also, they should be focal points that draw attention and help to define the other elements.

minimalist style houses are characterized by order but in the strictest sense. Their walls will either be “bare”, or covered only with large paintings and mirrors.

Minimalism is no different. It must be tailored to your lifestyle and tastes/needs.

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