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What is The Purpose of Letting You Kids Read Black History Month Books?

It would help if you let your children read Black History Month Books for many reasons. One of the significant reasons is to build a connection with their roots. Black history month is an opportunity for African Americans to celebrate their heritage and learn more about it. Unfortunately, the reality is that most African Americans don’t know much about their roots and ancestry because they have been living in America for generations. We at Hey Carter Books offer a variety of books that will help them learn more about their parent’s heritage.

Things Black History Month Books Can Teach You

1. They Can Help Give You A Sense of Pride

When your children read Black History Month Books, it gives them a sense of pride. That is because it will help them see how far their ancestors have come. They will understand that our ancestors have accomplished so much despite their adversity and realize that you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

2. It Can Give You An Understanding of Racism

In America, our history is filled with racism from the beginning of colonization. When your child reads an African American History book to them, it will show them how racism affected our ancestors and will show them that it does not have to happen today. The reality is that although racism isn’t as prominent as it was, then many still believe in the idea of discrimination because they choose to live their lives in that way. Many people still believe that African Americans are inferior and not worthy of being equal to other ethnicities.

3. It Can Help You Understand You’re Complicated History

Brown skin books can help African Americans to understand that they have a long and complicated history. The truth is that we have been through many changes in our history and acquired many different customs and ways of life.

4. It Can Help You Understand Economic Tensions

When your child reads a black history book, they will understand the tension between the races. They will realize that even though we are not enslaved anymore and no longer live in poverty, there are still barriers between African Americans and other white citizens in America. It is happening because African Americans still have lower socioeconomic status than many different ethnicities. It is still difficult for us to move up the economic ladder because there are more obstacles than other ethnicities face.

5. It Can Help You Understand the Rise of African American History Literature

Brown skin books can help you understand the rise of African American historical literature. The truth is that when African Americans were emancipated, there was a rise in African American history books. That’s because people wanted to learn more about it. They wanted to know their lives, how they did in the past, and if they could learn from it.

6. It Can Help You Understand Different Cultures

Diverse books allow you to learn about different cultures that are found in America. Such as the Irish, Native Americans, and others. When your children read a diverse book, they will have an understanding of these other cultures that may need to be better known by them.


Hey, Carter Books believes that teaching our children about their history is essential. In addition, we think it’s vital for everyone to know what has happened in this country. If you learn more about these events, you can better understand your opponents and have better conversations with them. Brown skin books are a great way to teach your children about their history and help create a dialogue between you and your children.

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